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No.106 Hot air roasting of Coffee beans

Hot air roasting of Coffee beans

[ Problem Point ]

We could not roast uniformly at the optimum temperature up to now.

[ ⇒Kaizen Point ]

We roasted with Air blow Heaters.
Delicate temperature control of roasting at 180℃ for the first time and roast at 200℃ to 230℃ at the second time,
It became easy to do it by 1℃ unit.
From light roasting to dark roasting, city roasting, medium roasting,and high roasting were easy.

The variation in roasting was reduced and the product value increased.

Since the high-temperature burned part disappears,
the variation when it was made into powder was reduced and the flavor improved.

Furthermore, since there is a controller which can automatically control roasting time and hot air flow rate, it was easy to prototype.

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