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[ Large size 6 segment Air Blow Heater ]ABH-29x6PH

[ Large size 6 segment Air Blow Heater ]ABH-29x6PH

Large-size middle power Air Blow Heater ABH-29x6PH

This is the simple structure that cut a screw at the both ends of the stainless steel pipe.
Connection fittings can be manufactured by our company.
The connection metal fittings are available for the TIG welding, too.

  • The ABH-29x6PH is upper model of ABH-18x6PH.
  • A heating element of 18kw-30kw was included in a metal pipe case of φ 101.6
  • Accurate temperature control can be performed using the thermocouple of the output port.
  • Since the heating element temperature can be monitored, safety measures for excessive temperature rise can be done.
  • The ABH-38PH has screw thread to the output mouth. It can install many accessories .
  • The ABH-29x6PH series has a metal pipe case of various length.
  • The ABH-29x6PH series can watch heating element temperature by safe measures for prevent overheat.
  • Since the ABH-29x6PH injects transparent gas and heats it, it is best for photographing and recording heating conditions.

[ Large size 6 segment Air Blow Heater ]ABH-29x6PH


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