2-3.Configuration using compressor

In generaly, it is better to check the flow of air, and this requires a flow meter.

Many float types [ like the above figure ] whose flow meter is used.

Since this flow meter differs in a directions value with pressure, it is necessary to use it by specification pressure.

Except a float type, there are a mass flow meter of a digital type, etc.

In the case of the above figure, specification pressure uses the flow meter of 200kPa (2kg/cm^2), and it adjusts so that the pressure may always be added with a pressure regulation machine.

A flow is adjusted by the flow control valve prepared in the exit side of a flow meter as shown in a figure.

In addition, this flow control valve may be built into the flow meter.

In that case, since there is also a model included in the entrance side, it is necessary to specify it as the “exit side valve”, and to specify and purchase the kind of a working pressure range and gas to be used.

Since this method needs high pressure for the source of compression gas, it can apply, when using compressor air.

When a flow instrument is a thing (what is used by normal pressure) without specification pressure in ending with purchase, please adopt the connection method of the following clause (4. when low-pressure Rotary blower etc. are used for the source of air).

Hot air temperature has the supervised useful direction to reproducibility reservation of work, the prevention from overheat of a heater.

In that case, please use a model with a temperature sensor (an option /+S).

And please connect a thermocouple thermometer (a standard is K thermo couple) to this.

【 Note 】

Water and oil are include in the air, a bad affect will be carried out to the flow-meter and the Air Blow Heater.

Please be sure to use the air which removed oil and moisture.

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