3-1.Air source

Some of the Air Blow Heater air source below.

Although an air compressor is generally used, considering a running cost and CO2 emissions cut, it is desirable that it is power saving.

Since rotary blower and electromagnetism blower can be managed with the power consumption of 1/5 -1/10 of an air compressor, when it can apply, it should also take these into consideration.

3-1-1. Air compressors (reciprocating type, screw type, scroll type)

Air compressors can use for all the Air Blow Heaters.

Since it is in almost all the factories and research institute and air piping (500-800 kPa) from this compressor can be easily used for them, if the Air Blow Heater of small capacity is used, it is good to use this.

However, since air pressure is high more than needed, a running cost becomes high although it is user-friendly.

When newly prepared as a source of air only for a hot wind heater, we do not recommend you.

A running cost is 5-10 times of an another side type.

Moreover, the equipment air drier or oil removal or moisture removal is required.

In generally the reciprocating type is noisy.

The screw type and the scrolled type are comparatively quiet.

3-1-2. Rotary blower

Rotary blowers in many cases, use is possible.

Since it is apparatus currently made for large-sized septic tanks, it is equal to continuous use, and it is quiet, and is a long-life life.

Since the pressure is abbreviation 50 kPa, in almost all cases, it can be used as a source of air of the Air Blow Heater.

There are many products of 150-300 L/min. and the price is about 100,000 yen.

Since there are many models using oil, an oil trap is required.

Since there is generating of waterdrop depending on an operating condition, an air drier is required.

Since pressure may become high and fault may come out if flow adjustment is extracted by a valve, the air flow to the Air Blow Heater is adjusted by emitting into the atmosphere.

However, it is good to use an inverter, if it can do, and to control the number of rotations of a motor.

3-1-3. Electromagnetism blower and Linear pump

Suitable for the Air Blow Heater of 1kw or less.

It is mass-produced for small septic tanks etc.

It is comparatively cheap and equal to continuous use. It is small quiet and a longer operating life.

There are many products of 20-100 L/min., and it is suitable when it do not need the amount of air to the extent that rotary blower is used.

However, the model of 15 or less kPa has much air pressure, and since there is no margin in pressure, an operating condition also has restrictions.

Since it is oil-free, it can use connecting as it is.

Modulating flow is difficult and it is desirable to choose Blois which suited the flow demand, and to use for the Air Blow Heater as it is, connecting with it soon.

Or it adjusts by what is done for air emission (surplus air is thrown away).

3-1-4. Electromagnetic pump

Heat-Tech Co.,Ltd. in order to process the Air Blow Heater, air volume we have a pump.

Clean air can be prepared easily, improving process quality.

Ready to use in combination with th Air Blow Heaters, and with one touch connector type adapter.

In addition, silent type can also be used in the laboratory (34 ~ 48dB) is.

■   Heat-tech Co.,Ltd. can supply thermo-controller, SSR, and peripheral equipment.

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