3-2.Power Supply

The power supply and controller which can be used for the Super Air Heater have the following thing.

Slidac is recommended if you are just simply adjusting the voltage.

Weight is a big, strong and can not break a little.

If desired, low-cost small, lightweight formula is recommended for control of SSR.

Comparison table of various power system

Comparison table of various power system

■ About “Slidac”

Slidac is named as trademark of TOSHIBA CORPORATION, this company is not currently in production.

However, this name has been almost universally nominalization, we have again used that way.

Incidentally the Voltslider is trademarks of YAMABISHI Corporation.

Varitap  is trademark of Tokyo Rikosha Co., Ltd.

■   Heat-tech Co.,Ltd.can supply thermo-controller, SSR, and peripheral equipment.

3-2-1. Volt Slider( Slidac )

Suitable when used in a simple structure as shown below.

It is good at definition of experimental conditions.

3-2-2.SCR Slider ( Varitap )

SCR Slider as the voltage regulator.

■  Heat-tech Co.,Ltd.can supply thermo-controller, SSR, and peripheral equipment.

3-2-3. SCR phase controller

SCR is the same as the SCR phase control method described above slider, which includes a variety of control functions can be advanced usage.

The control is always to keep the hot air temperature setpoint and a temperature controller connected to the Air Blow Heater and SCR controller, for example.It is easy to incorporate various protection circuits.

To use the Super Air Heater for stable and advanced electric control, however, is simply meaningless, it is essential to also perform air flow stabilization.

Incidentally, hot air heating problems (such as short-lived) is the primary cause of burnout air heated by the unexpected loss.

When air stops completely, it stops detecting nothing, the high voltage continues being added to a heater, and the built-in hot air temperature sensor of the Air Blow Heater carries out overheating disconnection in tens of seconds.

The phase control device for an AC triac or SCR (inverse-parallel connection of two) will be used on our experience, they tend triac sensitive to noise, we recommend employing the controller SCR.

■ Heat-tech Co.,Ltd.can supply thermo-controller, SSR, and peripheral equipment.

3-2-4.SSR( Solid State Relay )

Taking advantage of the feature of high-speed operation of SSR, and long-life, per second 2 times or more of ON-OFF are repeated, and electric power can be controlled by changing the ratio of the ON time and OFF time.

Moreover, generating of a noise is almost lost by making it ON-OFF [ the moment of the voltage zero of an AC wave form ].

Electric power control of a heater can be performed by combining with thermo controller (for example, SDC15 of  Azbil) with such a control function.

It is a easier method than the above-mentioned SCR phase control system.

Since it is about per second two low-speed switching, some also ripple the hot air temperature of the Air Blow Heater.

When cycle time uses the temperature control machine for 0.1 or less second, there is also no influence of the life of the Air Blow Heater, and this SSR system can also use for many uses.

Moreover, it is necessary to use a current output type for SCR phase control at thermo controller, and the price of the electric power controller of the above-mentioned SCR phase control system has fallen, and there is also a spread here.

Furthermore, since current wave form distortion like a phase control system does not occur in addition to there being little generating of the noise described above as a merit of a SSR system, it is convenient if it sees from the power supply side.

(There is little invalid current and a power transmission loss decreases.)

■  Heat-tech Co.,Ltd.can supply thermo-controller, SSR, and peripheral equipment.

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