3-3.Thermo couple

basic knowledge of air blow heater

The accuracy of the built-in temperature sensor (Optional parts)

The setup of heating temperature should measure the heating subject directly.

The built-in temperature sensor of the option should use the temperature at that time for an operation monitor, carrying out it.

The reproducibility of temperature is good.

When heaters are exchanged, the heating subject is measured directly and operation monitor temperature certainly needs to be re-set up.

Built-in temperature sensor life

Standard items use type K thermocouple as temperature sensor.

The small size of the heater can not use an enough thick thermocouple.

The type of the metal pipe, φ8 case is use φ0.5 wire diameter, φ13 case is use φ1.0 diameter wire.

On structure, since a temperature sensor passes along the center of a heating element, it becomes the same temperature as a heating element.

In many cases, the life of a thermo couple still does not become a problem.

When a ABH series is used hotly, the life expectancy of the built-in temperature sensor sometimes becomes insufficient.

In such a case, please specify a built-in temperature sensor by R type (platinum system).

The option symbol added to the model number is /+S (R).

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