1-10.Temperature distribution in glass tube

The temperature distribution in the glass tube of the Air Blow Heater is not constant.

The following figure is the inside diameter φ 12.5.

The temperature distribution in a glass tube of the Air Blow Heater (15AH type) using a quartz glass tube is measured.

Set temperature of 550 ℃ for internal temperature sensor, and the actual measurement, there is considerable variation in this way.

Therefore, the difference among a small portion of positions of a built-in temperature sensor also appears as an error immediately about ±10%.

Therefore, the Air Blow Heater is meaningless to be sensitive the set temperature.

The advantage of built-in temperature sensor controls the temperature is stable.

However, please do not adhere to the absolute value of temperature too much.

When many Air Blow Heater are used, an actual temperature becomes scattering even if it makes set temperature the same.

Since the near of a glass tube wall is cooled with a glass tube wall as for the cause by which this temperature distribution is made, hot air temperature falls.

And temperature falls rapidly, so that it separates from a heating element (so that it goes to a lower end).

Moreover, some move within a glass tube and the heating element of a hot air heater also has the manufacturing variation of the heating element itself.

In this case, tolerance level unmanageable things.

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