2-0.Selection of Air Blow Heater

  1. Determine the target temperature.
  2. Determine the quantity of the required airflow.
  3. Under the “Temperature and Airflow at the Maximum Power” from the table, the power (in W) to calculate.
  4. The safety factor multiplied by twice the power to determine the number of W models.
  5. Reference to above 1-4. Line Up of Air Blow Heater  “Product Composition of Air Blow Heater” table , and to narrow the candidate models.
  6. To consider the dimensions and details of each model specification.

<< Example >>

Require 300℃:100?/min

It is 650w that the above-mentioned conditions are fulfilled in the table of ABH650W-3000W.

Safety factor to multiply twice 650w.  It is 1300w.

Select Model ABH220v-1500w/18PH/+S

ABH-100W-550W Thermal capability

ABH-650W-3000W Thermal capability

ABH-6kW-30kW Thermal capability

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