2-1.The usage for an easy Air Blow Heater

As a source of compression gas of the above figure, the pressure beyond a 0.5-atmosphere (50 kPa) grade is suitable.

If it is the pressure not more than this, restrictions may be possible for setting conditions, and sufficient gas flow may be unable to be passed.

Although we may think that about 20 kPa is of use and lower pressure may also be able to use for most uses, if there are more than no at least 5 kPa(s) (0.05 atmosphere), probably it will not be used.

Therefore not be used as a sirocco fan. 20kPa can be taken out also with cheap electromagnetism blower.

Rotary blower, it will come out to about 50 kPa. Air Compressor, it comes out to 500kPa or more.

If the pressure is higher than necessary, simply by passing the pressure and flow control valve is not a problem from the falls.

Rather high pressure gas source (air compressor, for example) is good or very easy to use, high pressure air from unnecessarily high energy takes to make, in terms of energy economy is often lost is.

Air compressor is obtained only the air of 100w per about 12 L/min.

For electromagnetism blower or Rotary blower, the air of 100w per about 80 L/min. is obtained to it.

The basic operating procedure of the Air Blow Heater

  1. Supply compression gas.
  2. Apply voltage so that it may become a required hot gas temperature.
  3. Turn and heat the nozzle to the heating subject.

【 Note 】

Water and oil are include in the air, a bad affect will be carried out to the flow-meter and the Air Blow Heater.

Please be sure to use the air which removed oil and moisture.

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