2-2.The simple configuration

As simple way for use, connect a power supply (rated voltage) to the Air Blow Heater directly.

In that case, if the air of the minimum flow does not pass, the heater will burnout within a dozen seconds.

The minimum flow rate (Fmin) should follow the formula as a guideline below.

    Fmin.=0.05×Electric Power [L/min.]

For example, the minimum flow at the time of adding 100v to the heater of 100v-350w is Fmin.=0.05×350≒18 L/min.

However, as shown in the above figure, when the user install neither a flow instrument nor a thermometer, please avoid use in the high temperature region near the limit of ABH.

The flow big enough is passed first, and it waits for about 30 seconds after a turning-on-electricity start until temperature is stabilized.

After the temperature is stabilized, please throttle the “flow control  valve”, and use it in the range (hot air temperature is about 600 ℃) in which the tip parts 1/3 of the outside of the Air Blow Heater dark red-hot.

When used at 600 ℃ higher temperature (operation of the direction which reduces an air flow), please use Air Blow Heater by the method (with the thermo-couple ) after the following  the next section.

【 Note 】

Water and oil are include in the air, a bad affect will be carried out to the flow-meter and the Air Blow Heater.

Please be sure to use the air which removed oil and moisture.

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