2-7.Configuration using mass-flow-controller.

(Automated replacement for high-mix low-volume production stage)

Precise flow control with mass flow controller

In order to stable heat transfer for the heating subject,  it must quantify the gas flow control.

By the stable air flow and the stable temperature, the heating process of the subject will be stable.

When controlling a fixed quantity of air by the mass-flow controller, as shown in the above figure, the mass-flow controller is only inserted between the source of compression gas, and the Super Air Heater, and it is very easy.

Moreover, when the minimum flow alarm is set up with the event output of the mass-flw-ontroller, and the minimum flow is secured and there is nothing, the heating electric power of SSR is intercepted and the damage by fire (burnout) by overheat can be protected.

Furthermore, if RS-485 communication-function specification is adopted as the mass-flow-cntroller and the thermo controller, a preset value can be operated by remote control from the computer/PLC of a higher rank.

The effective with automated replacement for high-mix low-volume production stage.

Thermo controller for the SSR, please use  of cycle control period 0.1 seconds,like SDC15 type.

【 Note 】

Water and oil are include in the air, a bad affect will be carried out to the flow-meter and the Air Blow Heater.

Please be sure to use the air which removed oil and moisture.

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