1-2.Features of Halogen Heaters

A halogen heater is a heater that converts the supplied electricity into light rays by a halogen lamp, concentrates the light with a condensing mirror, and heats it at a high temperature.

Most of the wavelength distribution of halogen lamps is in the visible  light to near-infrared region in the 500nm ~ 2500nm range.
In the near-infrared region, the peak wavelength is about 900nm~1000nm.
Therefore, the closer the absorption rate of the object to be heated is to the spectral distribution in the near infrared region, the better the heating efficiency.

Features of halogen heaters

(1) High energy conversion rate

The ratio of converting electrical energy into light energy is more than 90%. Heating efficiency is very good when heating using electricity.

Halogen lamps convert the electricity transmitted from the tungsten filament into light and convert it into light.
The halogen heater uses the light radiated from the lamp (visible light to near infrared region).
Since the evaporated metal particles are reduced with halogen gas, the lifespan is extended and it is used for industrial purposes.

The conversion efficiency of halogen lamps is about 10% for visible light, about 80% for infrared light, and a very small amount of ultraviolet light.
Visible light and ultraviolet rays are also electromagnetic waves, so they have the energy to heat objects.
The conversion efficiency to all electromagnetic waves is about 90%, which is a very efficient heating means.

The efficiency of concentrating on the object to be heated depends on the curvature of the condensing mirror.
The shorter the focal length of the condensing mirror, the higher the utilization rate of the condensing mirror and the better the focusing efficiency.
The irradiated electromagnetic wave is absorbed and replaced by heat, but the amount of absorption = temperature changes greatly depending on the absorption rate, colour, and plane condition of the object to be heated.
Therefore, it is important to understand the absorption rate of infrared rays that make up 90% of light (electromagnetic waves).

Features of Halogen Heaters

(2) The rise time of the heater is very fast.

Since the heater starts up instantly, idling time is saved and it is economical.
In the case of our top-of-the-line model HPH-160, it takes only about 12 seconds to reach 70% output of the maximum temperature.

Features of Halogen Heaters

(3) The voltage can be changed at all times, which is suitable for PID control.

If user want to change the temperature depending on the heating environment, user can control the temperature simply by changing the voltage of the halogen heater.
When used below the rated voltage, the lifespan can be extended.

(4) It can be heated through glass and can be used in clean rooms and vacuum chambers.

And also, as you can see that the lamp body is made of quartz glass, it can be used through glass.
However, when using it in a clean room, the halogen heater must be set to “clean room specifications”.

(5) The light emitted by the condensing mirror can be concentrated.

Condensing mirrors has 3 types : point and circular heating , lineheating and plane heating.

(6) A wide range of heating is possible, from heating of metals to heating of non-metals.

Halogen heaters are suitable for heating in the near infrared region and can be used and heated in a wide range of fields.

(7) Translucent materials such as adhesives and paints can heat the inside as well as the plane.

(8) It is safer than other heating methods.

In case of trouble, the heater temperature drops quickly, so the risk of ignition of the object to be heated can be reduced.
Since xenon lamps also include irradiation of light in the ultraviolet region, it is not suitable for checking the light with the naked eye.
Also, depending on the type of lamp, a high voltage of about 30,000V is used momentarily at start up, so care must be taken when handling it.

There are strict standards for handling laser light, and safety standards are orders of magnitude higher than other heating methods.
Depending on the classification, it may cause serious damage to the eyes and skin.

Below is a table comparing halogen heaters with other heating methods.

Features of Halogen Heaters

*The wavelength band of the light of the halogen lamp is 0.4-2.5μm region,
(from visible optical to near-infrared radiation region),
where about 1μm is assumed to be a peak.
*The semitransparent body (skin, paints, and adhesive, etc.) comparatively enters the inside, and is heated from the inside.
* The rate of absorption to metal better than the far-infrared light, to get a large difference between non-metallic materials also good.


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