1-2.Characteristics of halogen heater

Our halogen heater heated to high temperature in a concave mirror to collect light from the halogen lamp.
By condensing form, are classified as point condensing type and line condensing type .
Region with a peak at 0.4 ~ 2.5μm to about 1μm wavelength range of light of a halogen lamp is “visible light to near-infrared region”.

When compared to other optical heating system halogen lamp method, there are the following features.

Characteristics of halogen heater

The feature of the light heating using a halogen lamp

  1. The change efficiency to the radiation energy is very high.
  2. The temperature rising wins a heater, and it’s early about 1 second.
  3. Low in cost, the initials and the running.
  4. Hotness can be even heated more than 1000 ℃.
  5. It is possible to heat subject through glass.

The above is the major item of characterized.
In addition as following.

  1. Absorption rate for the metal is better than a far-infrared heater.
    There is also not a good thing for the non-metal, there is a large difference.
  2. Translucent body, such as paints and adhesives to penetrate the skin and slightly inside,
    it is also heated from the inside.
  3. The interior is made of the quartz glass, so there is no occurrence of trash and gas kinds, and DGH is also suitable for use in the clean room.
    But, it is also necessary to make the lead line and the edge processing “the clean room specification”.
  4. Halogen lamp as a heating device is relatively safe for the human body.
    However, because high-pressure lamp glass, user must note the handling of its own way.
    The case of near-infrared laser and visible-light laser, there is a risk of blindness.

Xenon lamp is a high risk of rupture, because such a high-pressure lamp enclosed reach more than five times the halogen lamp. In addition, it is very strong ultraviolet light. It also uses a high voltage of several tens of thousand volts at startup.

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