1.Overview of Halogen Heaters

1-1.Safety Precautions (Important)
1-2.Features of Halogen Heaters
1-3.How to Select Point Heater and Line Heater
1-4.Precautions for Using Halogen Heaters

2.Halogen Point Heater

2-1.Overview of Halogen Point Heaters
2-2.Basic Structure of Halogen Point Heater
2-3.How to Use the Halogen Point Heater
2-4.Irradiation Distance and Irradiation Diameter of Halogen Point Heater
2-5.Temperature Distribution of Halogen Point Heater
2-6.Halogen Point Heater cooling
2-7.Halogen Point Heater Lamp Lifespan

3.Halogen Line Heater

3-1.Overview of Halogen Line Heaters
3-2.Basic structure of Halogen Line Heater
3-3.How to Use the Halogen Line Heater
3-4.Focal Length and Focal Width of Halogen Line Heater
3-5.Temperature Distribution of Halogen Line Heater
3-6.Halogen Line Heater Cooling
3-7.Typical Lamp Lifespan of Halogen Line Heaters
3-8.Wide Range Plane Heating by Plane Heating Type Halogen Line Heater

4.Knowledge of Halogen Lamps

4-1.Development History up to Halogen Lamps

4-2.Types and Mechanisms of Halogen Lamp Gas
4-3.About Filament coil
4-4.Heat Treatment of Tungsten in Filament
4-5.Halogen Lamp Glass Bulbs and Processing
4-6.About Halogen Lamp Sealing

5.Physics about Infrared heating

5-1.Light Reflectance, Transmittance, Absorption Rate = Emissivity
5-2.Types of Reflection
5-3.About the Wavelength of Heat Radiation
5-4.Proper Use of Far-infrared Heating and Near-infrared Heating

6.Re-reflective Heating Method

6-1.About Re-reflective Heating Method
6-2.How to heat the object to a higher temperature and uniformity?
6-3.Groove Heating
6-4.Frame Heating
6-5.Dome Heating
6-6.Box Heating

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