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Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 029

□■    Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 029  2021-1-15                            □■


■1. Information on the inactivating effect of the Covid-19 by ultraviolet light

■2. Guidance of new applications

■3. Editor’s note

■1. Information on the inactivating effect of the Covid-19 by ultraviolet light

The Hiroshima University hospital has clarified the inactivation effect of a new type of coronavirus by ultraviolet light.
>>> https://www.hiroshima-u.ac.jp/en/hosp

★ Points of this research result
The Hiroshima University hospital were the first in the world to clarify the inactivating effect of the new coronavirus by ultraviolet rays with a center wavelength of 222 nm.
Compared to 254 nm wavelength ultraviolet rays, 222 nm wavelength ultraviolet rays are considered to be safer for human eyes and skin, and are expected to be applied to infection control measures against new coronavirus infections using 222 nm ultraviolet rays.

★ Thesis information
Magazine:  American Journal of Infection Control
The thesis title: Effectiveness of 222-nm ultraviolet light on disinfecting SARS-CoV-2
surface contamination
Author: Hiroki Kitagawa, Toshihito Nomura, Tanuza Nazmul, Omori Keitaro,
Norifumi Shigemoto, Takemasa Sakaguchi, Hiroki Ohge

★ Thesis carrying page
>>> https://www.ajicjournal.org/article/S0196-6553(20)30809-9/fulltext

★ Introduction site of ULTRAVIOLET equipment manufactured by Heat-tech Co., Ltd.

>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/uvc/6369.html
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/ultraviolet-light/13687.html

■2. Guidance of the new applications

《 Air blow cooler applications 》

Brick pack hot melt cooling
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/food/21323.html

Rapid cooling of hot melt
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/assembly/21328.html

Improved quality when cutting resin holes
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/machine/21337.html

Thread trimming prevention by cooling the sewing needle
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/chemical/21342.html

High temperature sensor cooling
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/metal/21347.html

Spring coil low temperature deterioration test
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/metal/21356.html

Cold resistance test of color filter
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/electric/21361.html

Development of crystal structure of magnetic material
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/metal/21366.html

Evaluation of low temperature operation of semiconductors
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/electric/21371.html

Low temperature aging of electronic parts
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/electric/21376.html

Temperature drift test of electronic devices
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/best-applications-list/electric/21393.html

■3. Editor’s note

The usefulness of ultraviolet rays was reconfirmed as a countermeasure against corona damage.
Please use our UV lamp for COVID-19 countermeasures.


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