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PEEK “Tough tape” products

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PEEK "Tough tape"

PEEK “Tough tape”


PEEK “Tough tape” price list

PEEK "Tough tape" price list

Best Applications List of PEEK “Tough tape”

  1. Splicing and connecting the film
  2. End surface of the film take-up fixed
  3. End stop before heat shrinking of cloth
  4. End stop of a solar panel
  5. Scald the vial
  6. Temporary fixing of boiler construction
  7. Fixed position of the exposure apparatus
  8. Temporarily sealing of steam sterilization
  9. Attachment of in-company Kamban of a heat-resistant board
  10. Outer stop winding and interlayer insulating transformers and coils
  11. Temporary fixing of aging heat and cycle test examination process
  12. Solidarity and splices that require tensile bond strength
  13. Flow and reflow soldering process for printed circuit board, masking the Gold Plate Contact
  14. Motor and Transformer interlayer insulation
  15. Insulation protects the hard disk
  16. Attachment of a film (mask) at the time of exposure and printing.
  17. Memos in the high-temperature chamber

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