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Basic knowledge of Resin heating – Table of contents

This online seminar is intended to be illustrative and clarity the mechanism of the resin heating.

1.Reference books

2.History of Resin-1 Polymer, Resins and Plastic
2.History of Resin-2 Invention of synthetic resin
2.History of Resin-3 Chronology

3.The kind of resin-1 The type of bond and molecular
3.The kind of resin-2 Thermosetting resin
3.The kind of resin-3 Thermoplastic resin
3.The kind of resin-4 Engineering plastics
3.The kind of resin-5 Super engineering plastics
3.The kind of resin-6 Elastomers
3.The kind of resin-7 The liquid crystal
3.The kind of resin-8 Liquid resin
3.The kind of resin-9 Light curing resin
3.The kind of resin-10 Conductive resin
3.The kind of resin-11 Paint
3.The kind of resin-12 Composite materials  (Coming soon unveil)


Guide to the Optimal Heater

Movie of Resin & Rubber heating

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