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Test piece heating register

Test piece heating register

[ The test contents ]

A test piece that was entrusted to us by our customers, and the heating in our company, we will verify that reaches a predetermined temperature.
When it does not work with customers choice of model, you might want to use the other models.
For condition about the scheme, it will be confirmed in advance.

[ Actual test compatible models ]

  1. Air Blow Heater
  2. Halogen Point Heater
  3. Halogen Line Heater
  4. Halogen Ring Heater
  5. Far-infrared Point Heater
  6. Far-infrared Line Heater
  7. Far-infrared Panel Heater
  8. Ultraviolet Application Equipment

[ Actual test Guidelines ]

  1. The heating test using standard models.
  2. We are able to temperature measured by thermocouple and the radiation thermometer.
  3. Requires prior confirmation of the actual test content. There are also things that can not be heated by the object.
  4. There is no moving device. It is a fixed test method the heating object.
  5. Heating test such as flammable, radioactive materials, poisonous and unapproved microorganisms can not be on security.

[ Application method ]

Please send the person who will hope for specification confirmation before purchase by a production by following mail.
We will contact you from the person in charge.

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    Necessary air volume (Required If you choose the Air Blow Heater) [ℓ/min]

    Heating temperature (required) [℃]

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