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Basic knowledge of Resin heating 3.The kind of resin -11 Paint

1.About Paint

The paint is a material to apply on the surface protect an object and dressed richly or to give an original function.

The history of the paint represented for a long time by lacquering is in Japan, but the history of the Western style paint begins in the late 19th century.

2.Purpose and regulations of paint

The painting means that coat the surface of the object by paint for protection, a beautiful sight, the indication of the object. In addition, five of the next are considered as a purpose painting.

2-1.Protection of the object

Iron reacts to moisture and oxygen in the air, and rust occurs. By painting can prevent occurrence of rust.
Water in the air permeates a wood, and mold and moss occur. By painting can prevent those occurrence.

2-2.Improvement object of beauty

When compared to products with the same shape and the same performance, look good in those who are beautifully painted, will improve the value as a commodity.
Metallic painting and pearl coating are also used much.

2-3.Improvement of the design value

A two-tone color linear coat and a design coat will be also improvement of the commercial value.

2-4.Improvement of the functional value

There are also heat shielding paint which reduces infrared rays in the sunbeam substantially by reflection, paint which can also correspond to electromagnetic wave interference and heat insulation paint from which the outside temperature is insulated.

2-5.Indication by painting

There are provisions to apply target has been and miscellaneous goods industrial products quality display rules of Household Goods Quality Labeling Law in Japan.

An ambulance, a fire truck and a police car are shown to its color suitable for a vehicle, and I make it easy to distinguish.
A road transport vehicle way (one hundred and eighty-fifth number of law in 1951) is based on a regulation in the third chapter, and 3rd number of maintenance standard of the road transport vehicle and detail bulletin 75th article are related and are set as a 3rd number of detail bulletin 153rd article.

Red of “Outdoor fire hydrant box” are set out in the Fire Service Law Enforcement Regulations Article 22.

3.Constitutes of the paint


The has given the property that hardens to paint is a binding agent.
It becomes component which involved very heavily on the quality of the paint functions.
It will determined the approximate things such as whether withstand much flexibility and climate in this type of binder.



It is called pigment collectively that of colored material.
This determines the nature of adjust the appearance of the paint.
If it remove the pigment from among the paint, it is colorless and transparent paint.
The pigment in powder form of the substance can not be solved in water, it is characterized by a high weather resistance.
Inorganic pigments consisting mainly of minerals and metals, are roughly classified into an organic pigment, an organic pigment is vivid color forming component, is expensive is weak price to light.



Ratio in the paint is a few percent and the low, but has a very large impact on the nature of the paint, the type is very large.
Familiar and such as wetting agents, which is one of the additive is in pigment and binder is good.
And thickeners to adjust the sagging by increasing the viscosity, preservative present in the aqueous coating, stabilizers, and additives such as drying agents.



The solvent will easily fill soft and remembering fluidity by dissolving a resin or the like. It is also known as the diluent.
Solvent of the paint component to configure the 6-8 percent.
In the synthetic resin-based paint, paint thinner, there are solvents such as alcohols, ethers, ketones, esters, and have been used for different types of paint.
Solvent of water-based paint will be water.


4.Materials and paint drying and curing temperature and time of – representative value

Materials and paint drying and curing temperature and time of - representative value


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