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Leave Sterilizing and Deodorizing to”Ultraviolet-rays and Ozone “Wall-mounted quartz lamp type ozone generator

Leave Sterilizing and Deodorizing to
“Ultraviolet-rays and Ozone “

Wall-mounted quartz lamp type ozone generator

OZ-10 / OZ-20

Sanitization and the deodorization entrust you in "UV clean"!

Leave Sterilizing and Deodorizing to"Ultraviolet-rays and Ozone "Wall-mounted quartz lamp type ozone generator

Leave Sterilizing and Deodorizing to"Ultraviolet-rays and Ozone "Wall-mounted quartz lamp type ozone generator

is sanitizes and deodorizes by ultraviolet rays and ozone.

Sterilize ultraviolet

There is a strong effect that kills bacteria and microorganisms to ultraviolet light emitted from the UV lamp, it will 99.9% sanitization viruses and bacteria floating in the air, such as in your home or office.

Sterilize ultraviolet

Mechanism of ultraviolet sterilization

1. When UV lamp lights up, the surface temperature of a lamp increased about 10 ℃, the air of the lamp circumference is warmed, and an updraft occurs.

2. At this time, various germs and the virus which are floating in the air are sterilized by ultraviolet rays, and the pure air mixed with the ozone which arose from oxygen in the air simultaneously comes out from a slit on top.

3. The circulation cycle of this air is continued during ultraviolet-rays lamp lighting, and air in the room interchanges to the clean normalized air gradually.

All ultraviolet-rays sterilization cycles are performed inside a lamp cover, and ultraviolet rays do not leak into the room.

Safety and ultraviolet intensity

The strength of the ultraviolet rays emitted from the UV lamp currently used for OZ-10 / OZ-20 is 0.2mW / c㎡, and is almost the same as the natural ultraviolet rays at the cloudy morning. As long as you do not continue to look directly at the lamp from ozone convection mouth of equipment on top of the can be used with confidence. There is no problem even if you look at the reflection of blue light visible from the (gap of vertical) slit on the left and right side of the lamp cover.

3 forces of ozone

1. Sterilizing Power

Ozone has a strong oxidizing power is high, you killed by directly destroy the cell membrane of bacteria and viruses.
It is said that the bactericidal power is also 7 times the chlorine.
In recent years, hospitals have introduced the ozone in the hospital infection control has also increased.

forces of ozone - Sterilizing Power

2. Deodorizing power

The strong oxidizing power of ozone decomposes a chemical combination of the ingredient which is the stinking one origin, and deodorizes it powerfully. For example, the amine which is the main ingredients of the fishiness of a fish can be removed almost completely. The deodorizing effect of ozone is used in broad fields, such as an institution for the aged, a hotel, and a food factory.

forces of ozone - Deodorizing power

forces of ozone - Deodorizing power

Decomposition and deodorization from the source of the odor in pure ozone

OZ-10 / OZ-20 generates rich pure ozone with high-performance ultraviolet rays lamp, and, in strong ozone of the oxidation power, the resolution deodorizes a cigarette / a body odor / a garbage restroom / the cooking smell that is the causative agent of the smell strongly.

The smell is easy to be absorbed by a fabric article, and it is discharged again in a few minutes to the whole air. As for the OZ-10 / OZ-20, the resolution deodorizes the cause for an unpleasant smell to hide behind in the depths such as a mold virus floating in the air or the curtain sofa.

Deodorization data by the ozone(I am for ozone in a year for 94 years)

Remove the following material more than 90% at ozone density 0.1ppm.

Odorous ingredient table

3. Decomposition Power

The strong oxidizing power of ozone can decompose almost all toxic substances chemically. For example, nicotine, tar and the carcinogen which are contained in the smoke of tobacco, the formaldehyde called cause of a “new-building disease”, dioxin, pollen, etc. are disassembled. Moreover, in order to also disassemble the substance used as the ingredient of the color, there is also a bleaching effect.

forces of ozone - Decomposition Power

Safety of ozone

Ozone is a substance very unstable in the atmosphere, and although sterilizing properties are very strong, since it will decompose if it reacts to an organic matter etc. and they return to oxygen, unlike chlorine etc., there are no worries about residual toxicity.

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