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No.4 Sharing inspection data

No.4 Sharing inspection data

[ Problem Point ]

Strict operation was required so that the data of the heating inspection can not be overwritten.

[ ⇒Kaizen Point ]

High performance heater controller HHC 2 equipped with Ethernet communication function,
We automatically sent the heating inspection data to the higher.

When it did not reach a standard, we performed data entry automatically and was able to communalize it.

Furthermore, we promoted the efficiency of duties as an inspection record became paperless.

◎ Benefits of paperless

◆ Falsification prevention
Even data that does not meet the standards can be tracked accurately by automatic recording and sharing.
Setting overwrite prevention function makes it impossible to change easily, which leads to trust.

◆ Automatic collection of basic data for improvement and capital investment
Even if it does not meet the criteria, it will become the basic data for improvement and capital investment by automatically inputting data and sharing it.

◆Cost cut
Handling of paper media also requires securing storage space, and labor costs are required to manage documents.
Once converted to electronic data, hundreds of documents can be stored without taking up space.

◆ Improve searchability
In the case of paper media, it takes time to locate the desired information.
However, if the target is a data file, it will be possible to discover the target information simply by searching.

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