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Hand Control type AC power regulators–Slide transformer

Hand Control type AC power regulators--Slide transformer


The slide transformer is generic term to slide type voltage converter generic.The slide transformer has cultivated a lot of results from an ideal altanative voltage adjustment machine without generation distorsion wave.


  • No accrual wave distortion
    The output can be taken from the input sine wave due to an almost no distortion. non step of output control
  • Non step of output control
    Output voltage can continues control to non step, A necessary output voltage is arbitrarily obtained.
  • Small size, light weight
    Introduction B type insulating to success to small size.(One partis A type)
  • High efficiency
    It is extremely highly effective about 90% conservation of energy types even in case of being under the worst condition.


  • For test, accurate controlof test version power supply
  • Accurate control to rotation speed
  • Industrial version, physical and chemical science device, excess and deficiency electric control for home electric equipment
  • Accurate control for lamp on power supply
Type 100-120v input type 200-240v input type
Output capacityKVA 1 2 3 2 4
Installation externals Stand type within a case
Phase Single Phase
Line Type 2 Line
Frequency 50・60Hz
Constant Input Voltage 100-120V 200-240V
Constant Output Voltage 100-120V 200-240V
Output adjustable range 0 – 130V 0 – 240V
Output constant current 1 – 200A 1.5 – 100A
Load change 0 – 100%
Wave dist range Same as input
Efficiency Approx 90%
Power factor More than 0.95
Ambient Temperature 0 – 40℃
Ambient Humidity 35 – 93%
Increase temperature Coil 75 deg (Right Under of carbon 80deg)
Insulation Voltage Endurance Over 6MΩ at DC500 megger
Insulation Voltage Endurance AC1000V for 1 minute
Size W x D x H (mm) 145 x 167 x 136 214 x 237 x 161 257 x 278 x 171 214 x 237 x 161 242 x 297 x 465
Mass 5.6kg 10.4kg 18.1kg 10.4kg 30kg


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