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Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 019

□■    Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 019  2018-01-15                            □■


■1. Guidance of the new product

■2. Guidance of new applications

■3. Editor’s note

■1. Guidance of the new product

1-1) 《 Heat Gun Controller  》 HGC series
We developed an exclusive controller to use the Air Blow Heater as a Heat-gun.

1-2) 《 Far-infrared Panel Heater 》 PHX series
We renewed the far infrared rays panel heater, made it compact, and also corresponded to parallel mounting.

1-3) 《 Thermocontroller built-in heater controller 》 HCA series
We developed HCA-AC220/50V-15A corresponding to the 50V output of the far infrared panel heater.

■2. Guidance of the new applications

2-1) 《 Heater controller HHC2 Best Applications No.3 》 Heat dry feedback control of a Epoxy Base package
We propose a method to shorten drying time of epoxy resin package.

2-2) 《 Heater controller HHC2 Best Applications No.4 》 Sharing inspection data
We propose strict operation method of heating inspection data.

2-3) 《 Heater controller HHC2 Best Applications No.5 》 Heating time control for condition setting
We propose a method to a shorten condition setting.

2-4) 《 Heater controller HHC2 Best Applications No.6 》 Control of a dry time for solvent system adhesive
We propose stable drying method of a solvent type adhesive.

■3. Editor’s note

Thank you very much for reading to the end.

In the winter, we have the inquiry of the non-contact heater as an auxiliary heat source.
Reducing defective products is precious resource saving and energy saving,
Reducing the rise time of the heater is energy saving, we think that it will be a small measure against global warming.


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