3-5.Balance of the process

Balance of the process

When dry quickly at high speed wet material, deviation of the moisture content and temperature of the material inside will increase.

As a result, the critical moisture content is increased, it may cause cracks.

When it comes to the state of “evaporation rate of <surface moisture transfer rate of the material inside”, only the surface is dry while containing a lot of water inside the material, critical moisture content will increase.

Therefore, it is also important to shorten the preheating period of Ⅰ period.
The Ⅱ period changes with a liquefied water transfer coefficient.
The Ⅲ period and the Ⅳ period change with a steamy diffusion coefficient.

Move to the liquid rather than move the vaporized is more effective molecular weight of water.

Process design must use ingenuity to reduce the critical moisture content.

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