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Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 026

□■    Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 026  2020-01-15                            □■


■1. Guidance of the new product

■2. Guidance of the HEAT-TECH Online Seminar

■3. Guidance of new applications

■4. Movie Library

■5. Editor’s note

■1. Guidance of the new product

1-1) 《  Supersmall halogen point heater HPH-18L new release! 》
HPH-18L is the halogen point heater which condensing the infrared rays of the halogen bulb and heats at high temperature.
The radiation pipe is mounted on the side.
The condensing diameter is about φ2.5mm at a focal length of 9mm.
It depends on the heating object HPH-18L is heatable to about 950 degrees Celsius.

■2. Guidance of the HEAT-TECH Online Seminar

2-1) 《  Science of the drying  》

More quickly, More uniformly, demanded from the dry process in the manufacture.
In order to realize it, it is important to know how heat and a substance will move in the from internal to surface for dryness.
In addition, it is important to know what kind of process a dry object changes by to solve troubles such as non-drying, crack, foaming, transformation to occur by a dry process.
This seminar describes a fundamental theory about the heat flow and mass transfer in material as that foundation, and explains the practical use method.

Science of the drying – Table of Contents
Ⅰ. Basic knowledge of the drying
1.How does the drying progress?
2.Property of the humid air
Ⅱ. Hot air drying and Infrared ray drying
3.Basic knowledge required for optimization of the drying process
4.How does Hot air drying progress?
5.How does Infrared ray drying progress?
6.The hot air drying and the infrared ray drying – combination of convection heat transfer drying and radiation heat transfer drying


■3. Guidance of the new applications

3-1) 《 Air Blow Heater Applications 》

Activated carbon regeneration
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/best-applications-list-air-blow-heater/20154.html

Simulation of smoke diffusion
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/best-applications-list-air-blow-heater/20202.html

3-2) 《 Halogen Point Heater Applications 》

Thermal expansion evaluation of semiconductors
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/20208.html

Thermal expansion evaluation of a special alloys
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/20216.html

3-3) 《 Halogen Line Heater Applications 》

Surface modification of resin
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-line-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-line-heater/20222.html

Improved affinity for metal thin films
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-line-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-line-heater/20226.html

■4. Movie Library

4-1) 《 Halogen Point Heater Movie Library 》

Baked model heating using a taper mask
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20065.html

Non-contact firing of matches
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20077.html

High temperature aging of galvanized bolt
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20142.html

Synthesis of artificial volcanic glass
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20150.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 32 – Silicic plaster (Anhydrite)
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20283.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 33 – Biotite
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20288.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 34 – Barite
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20368.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 35 – Calcite
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20374.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 36 – Cordierite
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20508.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 37 – Dolomite
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20518.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 38 – Goethite
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20530.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 39 – Amphibole (Hornblede)
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/20536.html

4-2) 《 Halogen Line Heater Movie Library 》

Heating control of the wood emits smoke
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-line-heater/movie-halogen-line-heater/20138.html

4-3) 《 Halogen Point Heater Movie Library 》

Soda-Lime glass heating
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/infrared-panel-heater/fiph-am/20061.html

■5. Editor’s note

“Science of the drying” is added in the webinar.

The drying process takes longer than the processing and heating processes.
The reason is that it needs “Phase conversion”.
We explained on the point finely to dry even slightly in a short time.

The person that a dry experiment is hoped, please come to our test laboratory.
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/test-lab/

The video shows how various rocks are heated and melted.
Since ancient times, human beings kneaded and baked earth to make pottery,
The stones and rocks are crushed and melted, and ironware and bronzeware are made from the supernatant.

Even today, all major materials are excavated from underground.
I am passionate about making a video library about what happens when I heat the stone.


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