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7. Generation of far-infrared rays

The method of heating the ceramic to make a far-infrared artificially is common.
The fine ceramics of an alumina system or a zirconium system are used well.
Wavelength and the emittance change by a kind and the heating temperature of ceramics.
The following of the table showing the radiation wavelength of a material is carried out.

Radiating matterApplication productWavelengthZone
TungstenHalogen lamp heater1.0-2.5μmNear-infrared
NichromeElectric heater2.0-5.0μmMid-infrared
Silicon carbideGlover1.0-50μmAll zone Infrared
CeramicsPanel heater1.0-50μmAll zone Infrared
StainlessSheathed heater4.0-10μmFar-infrared
CarbonArc lamp, Carbon heater2.0-25μmMid &Far Infrared
CesiumXenon lamp0.8-2.5μmNear-infrared

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