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9. Attention in the infrared rays use (Q&A)

(Q) Can heat in the far-infrared rays metal?

(A) Since there is a lot of metal electrons, it reflects the electromagnetic waves (far-infrared rays) in general.
The good conductivity metal such as gold and aluminum, it is hard to heating with high reflectance.
In addition, those with good thermal conductivity, temperature does not rise quite by releasing heat when heated.
The surface oxidized, or using a heat-resistant paint, either can increasing the absorption rate.
In the heating of the metal, the near-infrared rays is more suitable than the far-infrared rays.
Refer to the “Science of the Infrared rays-6” The absorption rate of infrared of metal.

(Q) Although I would like to warm from a bodily core using far-infrared rays, which heater is good?

(A) At the about 0.2mm from the skin surface , the energy of the far infrared rays, will be absorbed almost.
The near-infrared rays permeate in several millimeters depth from the skin surface.

Attention in the infrared rays use (Q&A)

N.Terada et al,”Spectral radiative proper of a living human body”,
International Journal of Thermophys., vol.7, pp.1101-1113, 1986.

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