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Overview of the high-performance heater controller HHC2 series

Overview of the high-performance heater controller HHC2 series


  1. “HHC2” has the ability to manually control the ON-OFF of the power, voltage.
    Current limit, slow-up, over-current breaker of voltage and so on,
    It incorporates enough safety equipment necessary to the halogen heater.
  2. Thermocontroller on-board of the option selected, there is a thermocouple specification or a radiation thermometer specification.
  3. In option selected, user can control of ON-OFF and the voltage is possible with the outside signal.
  4. The IOT-function of the option selected, user can confirm data such as, the set temperature, heating temperature, operation time, operation number of times, heater exchange number of times.
  5. Using a duplication sensor of the optional selected, a over temperature alarm management is possible.
  6. Using a one-shot timer of the optional selected, an precision heating examination is possible.

Overview of the high-performance heater controller HHC2 series

D/# Supply voltage Heater voltage Control current
HHC2-12v-25A AC100-240v DC12v 25A
HHC2-24v-13A AC100-240v DC24v 13A
HHC2-36v-15A AC100-240v DC36v 15A
HHC2-36v-28A AC100-240v DC36v 28A
HHC2-120V-25A AC200-240v AC120v 25A
HHC2-100v/240v-15A AC100-240v AC100-240v 15A
HHC2-100v/240v-30A AC100-240v AC100-240v 30A
HHC2-100v/240v-60A AC100-240v AC100-240v 60A

【Standard Function】

Power-supply voltage  AC100V~240V 50/60Hz
Control current (DC type) 12v-300w / 24v-300w / 36v-500w / 36v-1kw
Control current (AC type) 15A / 30A / 60A
Analog voltmeter The output voltage of Halogen Heater is indicated by the analog meter.
Manual ON-OFF Output ON-OFF by switch of the panel.
Manual adjustment Adjustable voltage from 0 to 98% by 4-20mA signal from Remote.
AC power soft-start At start-up, the inrush current is controlled by increasing the voltage slowly.
Overcurrent protect The power semiconductor device is protected from the excessive current.
Burnout detect With heater burnout detection and display. AC output type limited installed.
Usage environment Temperature 0 ~ 45 ℃ Humidity 10% to 95% (non-condensing)
External dimensions Width 300 x height 300 x depth 300 mm


Abbreviation Contents
TC Thermo controller : Thermo couple input
TP Thermo controller : Pyrometer input
PM The Pyrometer and mounted surface.
SV Supervisor function for Over-heat protect or Target-heating
HL High-Low Control for rapid-heating or preheating
TMR1 Mounting surface.-For one-shot heating
TMR2 Mounting surface.-For thermal holding time
TMR3 Mounting surface.-Heating time for the predictive maintenance
RC1 Heating start or stop in the signal from outside
RC2 Specified output voltage in 4-20mA from outside
RSP Specified thermocontroller temp. in 4-20mA
MON Output in 4-20mA present temp. to the outside
RS485 RS-485 Communication
IOT IOT function
AirV Air opening and closing valve
OFDT Air closing valve, heating stop after the cooling timer 5 minutes
WP Cooling water pressure shortage alarm
AP Air Blow Heater and terminal cooling air pressure shortage alarm
DC24 DC24V power supply cooling fan
CFS Cooling fan stop detection signal processing
FPR Front Protection Rail
RPR Rear Protection Rail
Pyrometer Pyrometer to choice of applications, and then fitted adjusted to the heater controller.
Power Cable Manufacture the specification of the power cable.

※If user need a function other than the above, please contact us.

[Note] When the to add a function, there is that the external dimensions changes.

Options Front Protection Rail

Overview of the high-performance heater controller HHC2 series


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