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Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 016

□■    Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 016  2017-04-15                            □■


■1. Guidance of the new product

■2. Guidance of new applications

■3. Movie Library

■4. Editor’s note
■1. Guidance of the new product

1-1) 《  Air cool type small Halogen Point Heater 》  HPH-30A
Air-cooled type products are also available for small halogen point heater Φ 30 type.

1-2) 《  Air cool type small Halogen Point Heater 》  HPH-35A
Air-cooled type products are also available for small halogen point heater Φ 35 type.

1-3) 《  Manual Power Controller  》 HCV-DC6V type
DC 6V power supply controller for Far Infrared Point Heater FPH – 30.

1-4) 《  Needle Nozzle for Air Blow Heater  》 High rigidity type
We have the Air Blow Heater needle nozzle product for high temperature.
■2. Guidance of the new applications

2-1) 《 Halogen Point Heater Applications No.35 》 Calcination of SiC silicon carbide
We propose improving the efficiency of firing test of SiC silicon carbide.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/16005.html

2-2) 《 Halogen Point Heater Applications No.36 》 Caramel-ization of sugar
We propose a new construction method of caramelization of sugar.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/16015.html

2-3) 《 Halogen Point Heater Applications No.37 》 Heating processing of the double-arm robot
We introduce small heaters for robot mounting.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/16344.html

2-4) 《 Halogen Line Heater Applications No.50 》 Drying after car wash
We propose a method to shorten the takt time of the drying process after washing the car.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-line-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-line-heater/16035.html

2-5) 《 Halogen Line Heater Applications No.51 》 Heating and drying of the sealer
We will propose a method to shorten the tact time of the car sealing process.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-line-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-line-heater/16116.html

2-6) 《 Halogen Line Heater Applications No.52 》 Sample heating in the vacuum chamber
We propose to equalize sample heating in a vacuum chamber.

2-7) 《 Halogen Line Heater Applications No.53 》 Heat test of the color filter
We will propose heat source of heat resistance test of color filter.

2-8) 《 Halogen Line Heater Applications No.54 》 Borosilicate glass plate melting
We propose melting of borosilicate glass plate.
■3. Movie Library

3-1) 《 Halogen Point Heater Movie Library 》

Focal length and focus diameter of the Halogen Pont Heater HPH-60/f105
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/16180.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 19 Lithia mica(Lepidolite)
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/16365.html

Heating, melting and vitrification of rocks series 20 Silicone shell (Chrysocolla)
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/movie-halogen-point-heater/16414.html
■4. Editor’s note

Even a stone that seems to be similar at first glance, there is a stone melting by high temperature heating and a stone that does not melt.
When a stone melts, most becomes black.
And most of the unmelted stones turn white.
I realize that a red and a blue jewels generated under high temperature and high pressure are indeed precious.


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