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Air Blow Cooler Price List

Air blow cooler ABC-28 series

Air blow cooler ABC-28 series

D/#Injection shapePrice US$
ABC-28/0.5MPa-300L/φ6-LLDesignated length/+Sφ6-LDesignated lengthPlease Contact Us
ABC-28/0.5MPa-300L/φ5-SB/+Sφ5-Side blow typeUS$550
ABC-MB-A11Mounting bracketUS$50
ABC-MB-Ω11Mounting bracketUS$60

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Air Blow Cooler controller ACC series
Air Blow Cooler controller ACC series

D/#FeaturesPrice US$
ACC-0.7MPa-300LTemperature controller surface mountedUS$2,320
ACCP-0.7MPa-300LTemperature controller and pressure gauge surface mountedUS$2,500
ACCPFM-0.7MPa-200LTemperature controller, pressure gauge and flow meter surface mountedUS$3,200
ACCPFM-0.7MPa-300LTemperature controller, pressure gauge and flow meter surface mountedUS$3,560

Additional Specifications

D/#Item and DescriptionPrice US$
TPThermo controller : Pyrometer inputUS$500
TMR1Mounting surface.-For one-shot coolingUS$1,500
TMR2Mounting surface.-For thermal holding timeUS$1,500
TMR3Mounting surface.-cooling time for the predictive maintenanceUS$1,500
BUZWhen the timeer is up, the buzzer sounds for 10 seconds.US$353
RC1Cooling start or stop in the signal from outsideUS$625
RC2Specified output voltage in 4-20mA from outsideUS$625
RSPSpecified thermocontroller temp. in 4-20mAUS$830
MONMonitor, Output 4-20mA signal the temperature of the cooling object.US$625
RS485RS-485 CommunicationUS$625
IOTIOT functionUS$5,000
TCBThermocouple break alarmUS$830
APCooling air pressure shortage alarmUS$830
FPRFront Protection RailUS$200
RPRRear Protection RailUS$200
PMPyrometer mounted surface.US$353
FX570Flexible Stand for PyrometerUS$100
PyrometerPyrometer to choice of applications, and then fitted adjusted to the heater controller.Please Contact Us
Power CableManufacture the specification of the power cable.Please Contact Us
 +αIf user need a function other than the above, please contact us.
[Note] When the to add a function, there is that the external dimensions changes.


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