1-1.Overview of the Air Blow Heater

1-1.Overview of the Air Blow Heater

The Air Blow Heater is a heater which a simple mechanism. Compressed gas is supplied from an air compressor, and the gas is directly heated by a high-density heating element and blow as hot air.

◎ Using a high-density heating element, the supplied gas can be heated cleanly up to a maximum temperature of about 1050 ℃.
◎ Accurate temperature control can be performed using the thermocouple at the discharge port.
◎ Since nitrogen can be heated directly, it can be used for experiments on anaerobic microorganisms.
◎ Various metal fittings can be attached because the internal screw is cut at the tip.
◎ It is advantageous in the drying field because it blows hot air with high temperature and low humidity.

About clean room specifications

The Air Blow Heater heater has the DGH series for clean rooms.
In the DGH series, both the heating element and the thermocouple are sealed in a quartz glass capsule.
Due to this structure, the heated gas does not come into contact with the heating element or the sensor, so dust-generating substances do not mix with the heated gas.

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