1-4.How to use a simple the Air Blow Heater

The simplest way to use it is to connect the power supply (rated voltage) directly to the Air Blow Heater. Be sure to supply air before applying voltage. The heater will burn out in a short time if it is energized without wind.

1-4.How to use a simple the Air Blow Heater

Since there is no flow meter or thermometer for simple use, there is a risk of burning of the heating element when using it in a high temperature range. In the initial stage, a sufficient flow rate is supplied, and after the temperature stabilizes after the start of energization, the “flow rate control valve” is throttled to raise the temperature. It is safe to use the heating element up to the extent that the heating element at the hot air outlet of the Air Blow Heater becomes dark and red hot (hot air temperature is about 600 ° C). When using at a higher temperature, it is essential to use a thermometer.

How to use a general the Air Blow Heater

1-4.How to use a simple the Air Blow Heater

In order to stably heat the object to be heated, it is necessary to stabilize the flow rate, and a flow meter is indispensable. There are two types of flowmeters, float type and digital type, but if accuracy is required, use the digital type. The point to note about the float type is that the specified pressure is fixed, and if it is less than that, the flow rate cannot be measured accurately. The digital type can be used even at normal pressure. You can check the current temperature with a thermometer using the temperature sensor at the hot air outlet.

How to use the Air Blow Heater using a temperature controller

1-4.How to use a simple the Air Blow Heater

the Air Blow Heater with a temperature sensor can freely set the hot air temperature by using a temperature controller, and it is possible to keep the temperature constant. In the figure above, the temperature of the Air Blow Heater is controlled by PID control using a temperature controller and SSR.

Precautions when using the temperature controller

If the amount of gas supplied to the Air Blow heater is extremely small, there will be an error between the heating element temperature inside the pipe and the temperature of the temperature controller (hot air temperature). The temperature of the temperature controller (hot air temperature) is displayed lower than the heating element temperature, and it burns out in a short time. This is because the flow rate is too low for the heat to reach the thermocouple at the hot air outlet. Be sure to supply the minimum air volume before use.

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