1-8.About the Lifespan of the Air Blow Heater

Since the lifespan of the Air Blow Heater varies depending on the usage conditions and is determined by multiple factors, it is very difficult to estimate the lifespan, and we do not guarantee the lifespan.
Multiple factors include the lifespan of individual parts, how to control the Air Blow Heater the flow rate and pressure of the compressed gas source, the amount of water vapor and oil mist mixed in the compressed gas source, impact and vibration. The factor that determines the lifespan of the Air blow heater most is the lifespan of the heating element. Therefore, the approximate lifespan is estimated by focusing on the lifespan of the heating element from multiple factors. Most of the causes of air blow heater failure are related to the heating element, and rather than disconnection of the heating element due to normal wear (lifespan), failure due to overheat disconnection due to control error during use or no wind energization. Occupy a lot.
The lifespan of the heating element is also determined by multiple factors, but the biggest factor is the maximum temperature of the heating element. The temperature of the heating element varies from place to place. Since the gas temperature gradually rises from the gas supply side to the hot air outlet after passing through the heating element, the place where the maximum temperature is reached is the hot air outlet side. The important point for estimating the lifespan is to measure the maximum temperature. A non-contact radiation thermometer is suitable for temperature measurement. The approximate life time of the heating element can be estimated from the measurement results.
The graph below shows the relationship between heating element temperature and lifespan.

About the Lifespan of the Air Blow Heater

When the heating element becomes hot, metal atoms separate from the heating element as metal ions and are consumed.

Heating element temperature 1150 ° C → life timespan of about 300 hours from the above figure
Heating element temperature 1100 ° C → life timespan of 1000 to 2000 hours from the above figure
Heating element temperature 1000 ° C → From the above figure, almost semi-permanent life time

Measures to prevent burning of the Air Blow Heater due to excessive temperature rise

1. Please sure to supply an appropriate flow rate before applying voltage to the Air Blow Heater. It is safer to add an interlock function to the controller.
Example) Heater controller HCAFM (heater controller with flow rate interlock)

2. Monitor and control the temperature of the heating element inside the Air Blow Heater. When the heating element temperature is around 1200 ° C, the risk of burning the heating element increases in a short time. It is safe to set the temperature so that it does not exceed the set temperature with the temperature controller.
Example) + 2S specification heating element temperature sensor option

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