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Overview of standard Air Blow Heater ABH Series

Super Small Heating Device

High heating for Gas and Air,  Easy management temperature

 Simple, safe, clean, super-small high temperature heating device,
using air as ubiquitous material.

“Air Blow Heater” considers the resources problem,
and promotes the materials science reformative.

Air Blow Heater is in direct contact with the heating gas. Outside diameter is compact,
high density of the heating surface area is large, heated to regular 900 ℃ / highest 1000 ℃ the gas passage.

Overview of standard Air Blow Heater ABH Series


Hot output air temperature in short time of regular 900 ℃ / highest 1000 ℃.
Temperature controled easily by equipped with thermocouples.
Nitrogen and Algon can be heated directly.
Just output the air supply electricity heating, safe and clean.
This Heater have attached the nozzle to suit the shape and heated.
Air-Blow-Heater can be produced in range of 30W ~ 70kW.
Φ4 ~ Φ38 outer diameter, and ultra-compact heating unit.

This is a promotion video introduction of hot air heater and controller.

Follow up performance of the Air Blow Heater 1

Follow up performance of the Air Blow Heater 2

Main Applications

  1. Heat Source of Heating Test
  2. Drainer Dryness, Dehumidification
  3. Preheating of Equipment, Processing Machine, and Carrier Machine
  4. Preheating of Soldering and Printed Circuit Board
  5. Deburring of Resin, Scratches repair of Resin, Resin Welding
  6. Heating and Warming of Gas
  7. Heat Contraction, Burning Insert, Hardening
  8. Heating of Food, Dehumidification Dryness of Food, Sterilization Disinfection of Air

Types of available gases

Types of available gases

Basic structure

ABH type Basic Structure

  1. Hot air blow output
  2. Screw for attachment
  3. Thermocouple for output air temperature
  4. Metal case stainless SUS304
  5. Heat tube Quartz glass
  6. Heat element Fe-Cr-Al alloy
  7. Thermocouple for heat element
  8. Insulation Alumina ceramics
  9. Mount base Steatite
  10. Insulating silicon rubber
  11. Power wire Glass cloth or Silicon rubber
  12. Thermocouple for output air Glass cloth or Silicon rubber
  13. Thermocouple for heat element Glass cloth or Silicon rubber
  14. Air input connector Nickel plated Brass
  15. Air input

Configuration example

Configuration example

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