1-6.Compressed gas supply to the Air Blow Heater

Gas that can be used for the Air Blow Heater

Gas that can be used for the Air Blow Heater

Supply pressure

The supply pressure cannot be unequivocally determined because it is affected by the supply gas flow rate, the shape of the tip of the hot air heater, the piping conditions, etc., but if the pressure is too small, the gas flow rate may not flow properly and the hot air heater may burn out. ..
The withstand voltage of the hot air heater is 0.3MPa for the H series and 0.4MPa for the S series. In addition, pressure resistant products can be made to order.

Supply flow rate

The supply flow rate needs to be changed depending on the hot air temperature, the object to be heated and the purpose.
In order to stably heat the object to be heated, it is necessary to stabilize the flow rate, and it is absolutely necessary to control the flow rate value.

Example) the Air Blow Heater ABH100v-350w / 10PS supply flow rate at 500 ℃

Supply flow rate

Substitute the value in the above formula.
F (flow rate) ≒ (45 x 350W) ÷ 500 ° C = 31.5L / min

In addition, the minimum flow rate of compressed gas is calculated using the following formula as a guide.

Supply flow rate

Example) Hot air heater ABH100v-350w / 10PS heater with 100v added minimum flow rate
The minimum flow rate is = 0.05 × 350 w = 17.5 L / min.
When used at the lowest flow rate at the rated voltage, the heating element is used near high temperature, so the risk of burning increases. Please use at a flow rate that takes into account the safety factor.

Precautions when using the temperature controller

If the amount of gas supplied to the hot air heater is extremely small, there will be an error between the heating element temperature inside the pipe and the temperature of the temperature controller (hot air temperature). The temperature of the temperature controller (hot air temperature) is displayed lower than the heating element temperature, and it burns out in a short time. This is because the flow rate is too low for the heat to reach the temperature sensor at the hot air outlet. Be sure to supply the minimum air volume before use.


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