1-5.Compressed gas supply

basic knowledge of Air Blow Heater

The gaseous kind and use propriety are as follows.

The other these gas,  please contact us.

Types of available gas            Please contact us, When it is not in the table below.

Types of gasABHDGHNotes
Air, Oxygen *1Contain neither oil mist nor water.
Nitrogen, Argon *2All inert gases can be used.
HydrogenIgnites when becoming over 600℃ mixed air.
Green GasGreen Gas has reduction.
Steam *3ABH is impossible, DGH can be use.
Town Gas, LPGCarbon cling to heat element.
*1 Heating wires are used in Air Blow Heater has the most durable in the oxidizing atmosphere. ABH types are in direct contact with the gas so that the heating wire, high heat transfer efficiency,high temperature (regular 900 ℃ / highest 1000 ℃) can be obtained.*2 ABH type is used for argon and nitrogen, compared to the air life tend to be shorter.*3 DGH type does not contact the heating wire and gas.

Therefor, can heat the gas in many type, become slightly larger, even up to 500 ℃ hot gas temperature.

* The pressure and the flow required for heating to the  target  temperature.

<< To the example below, the most standard Air Blow Heater ABH100v-350w/10PS. >>

Required flow rate will vary significantly depending on the target and heating purposes.

The required pressure changes sharply ,by the flow, the kind of gas, nozzle size, and structures, common data cannot be offered. It seems to be into the range about 5-50kPa (0.05-0.5kg/cm^2).

If a lot of hot winds are required of low temperature (400 ℃ or less), rated voltage will be applied by a large flow.

Make the rated voltage at 15-20 L / min if the user need high temperature air.

If the user need to squeeze more and more high temperature flow (10 or less L / min ), is also used to lower the voltage accordingly.

If the object is blown away by wind, choose a model with a slightly larger nozzle, L / min to several dozen. At low flow rates, voltage is also used in focus.

The point of the solder when soldering, using a nozzle φ4 -φ6, gas supply 5- 10L/min, supply voltage of 50 ~ 80% (600 ℃ hot air temperature about) is used to.

Two hot-air heaters use as a way to prevent blown up, and for use with V-shaped configuration in one place it can be calm in the area close to the confluence, there is less to be blown away. The soldering is also used in this way.

Such as soldering of the IC and removed soldering, it is more efficient to use a dedicated nozzle shape. Cases not covered by standard or custom the user own the Air Blow Heater, the heater uses hot air or the tip of the screw, the user have to use only the best nozzle design.

If air stops where rated voltage is applied, ABH will be burn out in a short time.

Because there are most trouble of this, we recommend strongly the user to be protected by the flow switch or a pressure switch.

The required pressure of the DGH type is a little lower than the ABH type.(About 5 kPa)

*How to obtain the stable flow

Stabilizing flow is stabilizes hot air temperature and it decreases the variation (unevenness )in heating.

Moreover, in order to improve the reproducibility of work, there is the technique of managing the value of a flow.

To this purpose, Pressure regulator, Flow instrument, and Massflow controller are required.

These instruments are chosen according to the kind of gas to be used.

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