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3-6.Water-cooled and the temperature of the base

When the mirror portion temperature exceeds 160 ℃, forced cooling is required.

Cooling methodMirrorTerminal
Wiout cooling half voltage160℃110℃
Air cooling Air fan 45W160℃80℃
Water cooled Waterflow 1L / min60℃100℃

[ Representative example Measure the HLH-55W / f25 / L280 / 200v-2kw ]

(1) In the case of without cooling.

Use less than half the supply voltage.
Or, Use in ON-OFF, and three times the OFF time than the ON time.
Please be careful of the heating prevention, use while checking the temperature enough.

(2) In the case of air-cooling fan.

It is inside the allowable range applied rated voltage.
Therefore, please stop to use the product in a location that will be used as a high temperature to decrease the air cooling effect.

(3) In the case of water-cooled

It cooled without any problems.
Even in this case, part of the mirror becomes hot.
It is required safety precautions and burns prevention measures .

Air-cooled, is HLH- □□ A.





It is equipped with a cooling connector standard with the mirror portion of HLH- □ W.
Please use the urethane tube or nylon tube Φ6 cooling water.
Please use a metal pipe when it need heat resistance and durability.

Cooling water flow rate required lamp output 1kw per 0.5ℓ / minute.
Cooling water will be about 10 ℃ rise in this flow rate.

This is 1 flow 2 systems with U-joint

 [ This is 1 flow 2 systems with U-joint. ]

There is a cooling water channel of the two systems to mirror part of the HLH-55W / 60W / 65W.

It is sufficient to use one system if 3kw below.
It is used in piping in series the two systems if 3kw ~ 6kw.
In 6kw or more, and running water in parallel to the waterway of the two systems.
The heater 6kw or more, in order to supply the branch canals, and comes with the (entrance Φ8 → exit Φ6×2) branch fittings.

Cooling function is stopped during the heating operation, HLH will burn out.
Please to introduce a pressure switch or flow switch that constantly monitors that for the cooling water is flowing.
The pressure switch, in order to discover the running water stopped due to clogging, please use one set of high-pressure and low-pressure anomaly can be abnormal.

The easiest chilling method uses tap water.
Disposable tap water is a waste of water. Then chiller (circulating chilled water generator) is common to daily use.

To use a high-output heater, it is necessary to increase the flow rate so that return temperature must be 50℃ or less.

Water-cooled and the temperature of the base of the Halogen Line Heater

Heating of the mirror is designing the cooling on the assumption that it is one-third of the power supply.
Efficiency the lamp to light the power will be approximately 85%, are converted into heat in the mirror inside it is the remaining 15%.
Efficiency to absorb the heat of the light from the mirror portion is 1-2%.
If the object to be heated is large, it is close, the heat generated by radiation is increased, it will need to set larger cooling capacity.

[ Air cooling of the terminal ]

In addition to the water cooling of the mirror section, high-output lamp (H18 specification / Pipe diameter Φ18) requires air cooling of the lamp end.
There are connection ports of Φ4 tube on the top surface of the terminal box at both ends
Please flowing cooling air of 5 – 10ℓ / minute into the connection ports.
The pressure required so 0.02MPa, it can supply by the electromagnetic pump or compressor.

When remove the cover of the terminal box, then copper tube of Φ3 has extend from the tube fitting of Φ4.
The copper tube tip is directed to seal a central portion of the lamp.
If the copper pipe is misaligned, please adjust cooling air to be blown to seal a central portion.

Air cooling of the terminal

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