3-6.Halogen Line Heater cooling

Continuous use of halogen line heaters always requires cooling.
This is because the heat resistance temperature of the lamp seal is 300°C.
Avoid using it at the heat-resistant temperature limit, and be sure to cool it down.

If user heat it at a high temperature, please be sure to cool it because it will affect the damage of the seal part of the halogen lamp and the deterioration of the main body and will involve to the lifespan. It is recommended that the controller be equipped with safety measures such as shutting off the heater if cooling is cut off.

Due to the structure of the Halogen Line Heater, there are two cooling points, a Condensing mirror part and a lamp seal part.

Cooling type of Condensing mirror

There are two types of cooling methods for the Condensing mirror, one is a cooling fan mounted type and the other is a water-cooled type.

(1) Cooling fan mounted type
It can be used just by the heater controller.
The power of the cooling fan is supplied from the heater controller. The usage environment is assumed to be at room temperature.

Halogen Line Heater cooling

(2) Water cooling type
A heater controller and chiller (cooling water) are required, but it can also be used in a vacuum container.
The minimum flow rate of cooling water is 0.5 L/min per 1 kW of heater power.
From the viewpoint of safety, we recommend at least twice the minimum flow rate.
The cooling water temperature is assumed to be about 15 ℃. If the cooling water is too low, there is a risk of electric leakage due to condensation or water droplets generated from the condensation. It is assumed that the pressure will be about 200kPa or less. If it is over 300kPa, please contact us.
The three models HLH-55, HLH-60, and HLH-65 are configured as a set of two Condensing mirrors, and the water cooling route can be selected in series or in parallel.
For 6kW or less, select a water cooling route in series.
For 6kW or more, select a water cooling route in parallel.

Halogen Line Heater cooling

The cooling of the lamp seal is only compressed air cooling type.

When heating at high temperature with HLH-30, HLH-35 or higher models, please be sure to always cool.
The seal is designed to be cooled through a curved steel pipe.
When opening the terminal box, such as when replacing the lamp, be careful not to shift the steel pipe.

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