3-7.Lamp life

Lamp life

Change the characteristics of the various types of halogen lamps with varying voltage.
Life is the biggest change, when the voltage is dropped 10 % , the life expectancy will be about three times.

Lamp life is largely determined by the color temperature of the filament.
Is about 1000h at 3000K, it about 200-300h at 3200K.
Of life when the temperature is significantly lower than 3000K is computationally extremely long.
The life of the lamp will not be calculated in a variety of factors as calculated life of the filament even longer.

About 5000h at 2600K, about 20000h at 2200K has been adopted as a guide for the time being.
Filament temperature is not the only thing that limits the life of the lamp.
Become a factor which determines the life of the lamp in the case of high temperature seal (see figure below).

When in case of and the seal portion temperature are less than 350 ℃ for about 2000 hours, the lamp life expectancy won’t be the factor to which this partial withstanding restricts the life expectancy.

For more than 350 ℃, and the seal is damaged and unusable in less than 2000 hours.

Off indicates that the electrical resistance of the halogen lamp is about 1/10 at the time of lighting.
Therefore, a large inrush current flows through a very short time to instantly lit.

This inrush current will shorten lamp life.
In order to function for long periods of time and frequent blinking slows up the power supply voltage.
Slow-up time is required for about one second.

Lamp life2

Lamp life3

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