3-1.Overview of the Halogen Line Heater

1.High-temperature heating, and heated to 1000 ℃ ~ 1400 ℃ in just 5 seconds!

High conversion efficiency from electrical to radiant energy,
Concentrate on one line the light of the halogen lamp, reach the temperature 1400 ℃ ~ 1500 ℃.

2.High-speed heating, the heating time can be shortened.

LH series is to put large amounts of heat at high speed, miniaturization of equipment,
the heating time can be shortened.
Until now, that was over 30 minutes of idling, idle time can be zero.
Since there is no lag temperature, eliminating the waste of waiting time.
Temperature rise so fast, turn OFF the power at idle. save money on electricity conservation.
Electricity rates can be used, per day, costs down 2kw x 0.5h x 12.16 = 12,16 yen.
Year (250 days operation), the cost down is 3040 yen.
In addition, the annual emissions reduction of 100kg C02 cut off !

※ unit power rate was calculated as the 12.16 yen / kWh.
* CO2 emission factors were calculated as 0.4kg-CO2/kwh.

3.Heating through the glass.

Quartz glass hardly absorbs visible light and the near-infrared radiation.
Transmittance is 93%. There are only 7% reflection.
Through the glass, the heating can also work in an atmosphere of inert gas in the vacuum.

Heating through the glass

4.Temperature can be controlled with high precision.

Control any temperature from ambient to maximum temperature with supply voltage.
Supply voltage of the lamp output is capable of any design, the maximum output is around 2.5kw.


The optical non-contact heating can be the complete heating in the vacuum chamber.

6.Possible long life.

The lamp longevity can be arbitrarily controlled from usually longevity to long life by the supply voltage.

7.Excellent in safety.

This heater is relatively safe for humans.
Neither dust nor the gases are generated, workers work comfortably.
Moreover, when trouble has came, this rapid cool heater can reduce the risk of ignition of the heated object.
Our halogen line heater concentrates light of a halogen lamp by a concave mirror and heats it hotly.
The small size in the line is decided depending on the lamp, the size of the mirror,
and the focal length, and the special distribution light design of widening the flash coverage,
and giving arbitrary distribution and worth is also possible.

Excellent in safety

*The wavelength band of the light of the halogen lamp is 0.4-2.5μm region,
(from visible optical to near-infrared radiation region),
where about 1μm is assumed to be a peak.
*The semitransparent body (skin, paints, and adhesive, etc.) comparatively enters the inside,
and is heated from the inside.
* The rate of absorption to metal better than the far-infrared light,
to get a large difference between non-metallic materials also good.

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