2-1.Overview of the Halogen Point Heater

The Halogen Point Heater is the heater to be heated to a high temperature to concentrate on the mirror reflecting the light and heat of the halogen lamp.

◎It is heated directly without heat carrier, so specimen heating during a vacuum will be done.
◎1000 ℃-1400 ℃ can be heated highly temperature cleanly.
×The thermal absorption amount changes by the color and the surface condition of the heating target.

The halogen lamp heater is generating heat through electricity in a filament made of the tungsten , and the light radiated from there ( wavelength is a far-red area – a visible area) is used.

Efficiency to convert all electromagnetic waves, including visible light and infrared region is about 90%, and is the very efficient heating means. The visible light conversion efficiency is less than 10% .

When considering the overall thermal efficiency, (1)Efficiency of whether and how the target to focus light emitted from the lamp, (2) Absorptivity of light that is irradiated target, which is important.

These values ​​are roughly as follows.

Efficiency to light the lamp power≒90%
Efficiency using a concave mirror to focus≒50%
Absorptance to be heatedStainless glossy≒30%
Stainless oxidation≒80%
White paper≒10%
Black paper≒90%

Heating efficiency for the power supplied to the halogen lamp is about 45%.
Stainless oxidation face is about 35 %, and stainless gloss surface is about 15 % of overall energy efficiency for the heat efficiency which is overall when ratio of absorption of a target thing is considered.
This is good heat efficiency as the open system. Because it stand up in an instant, when being unnecessary, a halogen lamp should turn off a power supply, and prevents electric waste. It is quite fixed as good heating method of heat efficiency from such reason.
The shape of the lamp is different from “point heating” in “line heating”. Something near a point is also as desirable as possible a filament in point heating, and the one by which the aspect ratio enclosed a short filament of 1-2 with quartz tube of a globular shape or a short column is used.
One for line heating enclosed a slender filament with slender quartz tube.
Something of the big electric power is difficult to make for point heating, and it is at most 2 kw. It can also make 20kw for line heating with length 2m. But, the electric current capacity of the lamp is limited, and about 25 A is also the limit using the thick size, so it’s necessary to make the rated voltage 400v-660v.

Focused diameter is φ5 mm at about 15 mm focal length.
It also depends on heating target thing, but it can be heated about 1000 ℃-even 1400 ℃.
Soldering is about 5 seconds.

Overview of the Halogen Point Heater

The gold plating mirror specification of the high-efficient mirror design and high reflectance

The section is divided into the mirror and the lamp,
Only the lamp, the mirror can be replaced only.
There is a general specification product specification product and clean.

General Specifications of goods who is safe in normal use.

The clean room specification reduced the adhesive amount of consumption to the utmost in fixing of a lamp, used Teflon wire for wire and made、 it is supposed to use at a clean room and a vacuum chamber.

When the body temperature was and exceeded the heat-resistant limit highly, there is also a fault that trouble is easy to cause for Teflon wire, so attention is more necessary than the general specification items.

Halogen Point Heater Products

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