2-2.Basic structure

【 Basic structure of the Halogen Point Heater 】

It compose by mirror part and the lamp part.
The lamp is fixed to the lamp base with an inorganic adhesive.
The wire is covered with silicon rubber / glass cloth.
It is divided into the mirror and the lamp unit, only the lamp, the mirror can be replaced only.

When HPH-30/35 lights up for more than 1 minute by rated voltage DC24V, even the opening state notifies 230 ℃ of the lamp part temperature.

The heat resistant is about 180 ℃, so lighting up of force-feed cooling or an interval is necessary.

Cooling unit WCU-30 is being prepared by an option.
74w-100w lamp can be used continuously safely by loading the cooling unit.

Hood and protection glass can also be loaded by an option.

HPH-30/35/60 structure

HPH-120/160 structure

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