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2-2.Basic Structure of the Halogen Point Heater

Basic Structure of the Halogen Point Heater

[Basic structure of the Halogen Point Heater]

It consists of a Condensing mirror and a lamp base and a cooling unit.

The material of the lamp base is Aluminium.
The lamp uses quartz glass and is fixed to the base with a heat-resistant inorganic adhesive.
The filament of the lamp is a spherical or cylindrical filament with an aspect-ratio of 1 to 2 that is suitable for a point heater and is enclosed in the lamp so that the performance of the condensing mirror can be fully utilized.

This is because it is advantageous to concentrate the filament shape as small as possible for point heating.

It is difficult to make a high-power lamp for point heating
Since the limit value of the current capacity of the lamp is 25A, the performance of the heater is 120V-3kW at the maximum.

The electric wire uses a special heat-resistant electric line (silicone rubber / glass cloth coating).

The material of the condensing mirror is gold-plated Aluminium.
Gold-plated condensing mirrors can most effectively reflect the light of halogen lamps.
The condensing mirror has a protective glass that prevents gas and scattering from the object to be heated.
A hood that prevents heating other than the opening can also be attached as an option.

A water cooling unit (WCU) can be installed as an option depending on the model.
The heat-resistant temperature of the lamp base is about 180℃, so cooling is absolutely necessary when heating at high temperatures.
By installing a water cooling unit, user can safely and continuously use the Halogen Point Heater.

[Optional water cooling unit]

Basic Structure of the Halogen Point Heater

[Optional hood]
When user do not want to heat anything other than the opening, then please use the hood.

Basic Structure of the Halogen Point Heater


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