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1-1.What is temperature control?

When it heat something, there is a “just right temperature”.

What is temperature control?

For example, Tempura
Leaf tempura :160℃
Vegetable and fish :170-180℃
Twice fried like French fries and fried chicken :190℃
The optimum temperature are known.

Tempura fried at the right temperature feels delicious.

In order to maintain the temperature set in this way, temperature controllers and indicating controllers have appeared.

What is temperature control?

The optimum bath temperature is 43℃.
I can’t be satisfied with the lukewarmness, and I get burned when hot.
If it is kept constant at 43 ° C, it is a paradise.

Like a long time ago, if user were taking a bath,
User need exchanges the words “Too hot or to cold” with the boiler man.
Boiler man have to adjust the amount of temperature by put in or put out the firewood.

In a home bath, if user set a certain temperature in the water heater, it can keep the temperature constant by adjusting the gas flame and adjusting the current and voltage of the electric heater while sensing the temperature of the bathtub with the temperature sensor.

A temperature controller is used here.
Some people like cold baths, while others like hot baths.
A thermostat can only be used for fixed temperature control, but a temperature controller is very convenient because the set temperature can be changed freely.

What is temperature control?


Temperature input device
Temperature controller




The configuration required to use the temperature controller

① Heating (cooling) device → (heating and cooling operation)
② Heating target
③Temperature input device → (Current status check)
④ Temperature controller → (Temperature setting and judgment of heating and cooling)

These are four.

This connection is called “loop” (meaning a circle in English).

Furthermore, based on the signal (information) of the temperature input device, the water is heated and the effect is grasped by the signal.
User can see the changes before and after heating, so User can see how much it heats up and how much it warms up.

This concept of signal processing is called “Feedback control”.

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