3-6.Importance of dehydration

Energy for evaporating the water 1kg of 20 ℃ is 2454kJ.

1kW/h is 3600kJ so….
2454kJ is the working time and energy consumption of the same amount running 40 minutes of 1kW motor.

Or, the halogen heater 5kw 85% efficiency (in the case of 95% infrared absorption rate) is the working time and the same energy consumption that was irradiated for 10 minutes.

In order to reduce energy and time the drying process, reducing the moisture content is important.

It can achieve energy saving and time shortening the drying process by using a dehydration mechanical methods prior to drying.

  • Air purge
    Blow off the surface splashdown on the material that is compressed.
  • Wiping
    As of the wiper of the car, wipe the surface splashdown in the rubber blade or rag.
  • Filtering
    Dehydrated during transport with mesh conveyor.
  • Squeeze Compression
    Dehydrate by applying pressure to the material.
  • Centrifugal dewatering
    Dehydrate by centrifugal force by the rotation of the material.

Importance of dehydration

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