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Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 004

□■ Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 004 2014-04-15


■1. Guidance of the new product

■2. Guidance of new applications

■3. Support Information

■4. Editor’s note

■1. Guidance of the new product

1-1) [ Air Blow Heater ] Evacuation correspondence Air Blow Heater VAH-10PH debuts!
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/product-air-blow-heater/8790.html

We challenged the limit of the hot wind heater.
Enabled the evacuation was not possible until now.
It is the best for deoxidization nitrogen heating of a semiconductor.

■2. Guidance of the new applications

2-1) [ Air Blow Heater Applications No.86 ] Heating of the shielding gas of thermal analysis equipment
It is the best for deoxidization nitrogen heating of a semiconductor.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/best-applications-list-air-blow-heater/6830.html

2-2) [ Air Blow Heater Applications No.87 ] Heating of endoscopy inspection gas
The new operating method is proposed.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/best-applications-list-air-blow-heater/6872.html

2-3) [ Air Blow Heater Applications No.88 ] Thermal caulking of resin parts
Laborsaving of a resin molding process is proposed.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/best-applications-list-air-blow-heater/6877.html

2-4) [ Air Blow Heater Applications No.89 ] Heating of the gas for evaluation
An evaluation test is correctly made in the measure against emission gas.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/best-applications-list-air-blow-heater/6884.html

2-5) [ Halogen Point Heater Applications No.18 ] Point heating and drying of the sealant
Speedup at the Sheeler process is proposed.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/8765.html

2-6) [ Ir Panel Heater Applications No.15 ] Heating of the LCD cover glass
Cellular reduction at a liquid crystal cover glass process is proposed.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/infrared-panel-heater/best-applications-iph/6940.html

2-7) [ Movie Library ] Heating to 1000 ℃ the air by the Air Blow Heater
Preheating of the sample in electron beam analysis is proposed.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/movie/9314.html

■3. Support Information

3-1 [ Online Seminar ] We started the series in the “Science of the drying”.
Please check we have briefly discussed the principle of drying.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/science-of-the-drying/6983.html

Science of the drying – Table of Contents
Ⅰ. Basic knowledge of the drying

1. How does the drying progress?

1-1. What is drying.
1-2. The phase shift of the ustulation.
1-3. How to expressions the moisture in the material.
1-4. Change of weight and the temperature by the drying.
1-5. Equilibrium moisture content and Critical moisture content – Influence of temperature and relative humidity. 
1-6. The local moisture content and the average moisture content.
1-7. Drying characteristic curve – Relation between a drying rate and moisture content.
1-8. Why is the constant drying period. – Moisture movement in wet material.
1-9. How to expressions the constant drying period.

2. Property of the humid air

2-1.What is the humidity?
2-2.Vapor included in the air has a limit.
2-3.Ask for saturation water vapor pressure.
2-4.The relative humidity (Coming soon unveil)
2-5.The absolute humidity (Coming soon unveil)
2-6.Relationship of absolute humidity and the relative humidity. (Coming soon unveil)
2-7.Measurement of wet-bulb temperature. (Coming soon unveil)
2-8.The humidity chart (Coming soon unveil)
2-9.The constant wet-bulb temperature line and the adiabatic cooling line. (Coming soon unveil)
2-10.To read the wet-bulb temperature using the humidity chart. (Coming soon unveil)
2-11.Ask for wet-bulb temperature by calculation. (Coming soon unveil)
2-12.The dew point (Coming soon unveil)

3-2 [ Online Seminar ] We unveiled the “The science of Infrared rays”.
Please check we have briefly discussed the principle of infrared heat briefly.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/science-of-the-drying/6983.html

Science of the Infrared rays -INDEX-

1. The discovery of the infrared rays
2. About infrared rays
3. Type of the infrared rays
4. About heating
5. 4 basic laws about radiation
6. Absorption rate of infrared rays
7. Generation of far-infrared rays
8. Comparison of far-infrared rays and near-infrared rays
9. Attention in the infrared rays use (Q&A)
10. The main materials Specific gravity , specific heat and thermal conductivity

3-3 [ Air Blow Heater ] The screw type in a tip of ABH-38PH series was standardized.
This heater is ideal for ignition of a biomass boiler and deburring of resin.
>>> http://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/product-air-blow-heater/3392.html

■4. Editor’s note

In spring with the cherry blossoms in full bloom, the many children of friends and acquaintances greeted the entrance ceremony.
I hope, many happiness and future to children!!


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