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Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 005

□■ Heat-tech News Letter – Vol. 005 2014-07-15


■1. Guidance of the new product

■2. Guidance of new applications

■3. Support Information

■4. Editor’s note

■1. Guidance of the new product

1-1) [ Halogen Point Heater ] We line up the lamp 3kw to HPH-160 series.
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/product-halogen-point-heater/6042.html

We line up a powerful 3kw lamp 120% compared to the conventional which there was many of the needs of our customers, to the point halogen heater HPH-160.
It is most suitable for the synthetic test of ceramics.

■2. Guidance of the new applications

2-1) [ Halogen Point Heater Applications No.19 ] Performance testing of heat-resisting metal
We propose a time reduction of performance test of heat-resistant metal.
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/9349.html

2-2) [ Halogen Point Heater Applications No.20 ] Synthesis of ceramics
We propose to speed up the process in the synthesis of ceramics.
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/9418.html

2-3) [ Halogen Line Heater Applications No.48 ] Molecular alignment of the resin film sheet
We propose improving the transparency of the cover film.
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/halogen-point-heater/best-applications-list-halogen-point-heater/8765.html

■3. Support Information

3-1 [ Online Seminar ] We have released the 2nd chapter of the “Science of the drying”.
Please check we have briefly discussed the principle of drying.
>>> https://heater.heat-tech.biz/air-blow-heater/science-of-the-drying/6983.html

Science of the drying – Table of Contents
Ⅰ. Basic knowledge of the drying

 1. How does the drying progress?

1-1. What is drying.
1-2. The phase shift of the ustulation.
1-3. How to expressions the moisture in the material.
1-4. Change of weight and the temperature by the drying.
1-5. Equilibrium moisture content and Critical moisture content – Influence of temperature and relative humidity. 
1-6. The local moisture content and the average moisture content.
1-7. Drying characteristic curve – Relation between a drying rate and moisture content.
1-8. Why is the constant drying period. – Moisture movement in wet material.
1-9. How to expressions the constant drying period.

 2. Property of the humid air

2-1.What is the humidity?
2-2.Vapor included in the air has a limit.
2-3.Ask for saturation water vapor pressure.
2-4.The relative humidity
2-5.The absolute humidity
2-6.Relationship of absolute humidity and the relative humidity.
2-7.Measurement of wet-bulb temperature.
2-8.The humidity chart
2-9.The constant wet-bulb temperature line and the adiabatic cooling line.
2-10.To read the wet-bulb temperature using the humidity chart.
2-11.Ask for wet-bulb temperature by calculation.

Ⅱ. Hot air drying and Infrared ray drying (Coming soon unveil)

3.Basic knowledge required for optimization of the drying process. (Coming soon unveil)

3-1.Heat transfer and Mass transfer (Coming soon unveil)
3-2.Evaporation of water (Coming soon unveil)
3-3.Heat balance equation of the drying (Coming soon unveil)
3-4.Five patterns of the drying curve (Coming soon unveil)
3-5.Balance of the process (Coming soon unveil)
3-6.Importance of dehydration (Coming soon unveil)
3-7.Three types of drying1. Drying of the surface attached water (Coming soon unveil)
3-8.Three types of drying2. Drying of the paint film and Membrane (Coming soon unveil)
3-9.Seven basic laws about drying (Coming soon unveil)

■4. Editor’s note

The request asked us, there is the development of new products and improvement of existing products.

This season, we made the point halogen heater 3kw that challenge the limits of the heater.
The output increase of 120% compared to the conventional, but it is expected to heating effect of about 150% on the heat balance.
We fulfill its mission to provide customers with the best thing in the world.


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