UV Ray line type Irradiator Lab Kit LKUVL-115

Easy UV irradiation! ◆ Features◆ 1). Since it is a kit, user can easily irradiate UV rays. 2). Built-in amplifier makes lighting operation easy. 3). Irradiate 253.7 nm, which has a high sterilization effect, with a large output of 8 ...

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UV point type irradiator UVP-60 series

1.Features of UVP-60 1) UV-C 253.7nm irradiation is possible. 2) UVP-60 is compact and can irradiate a point of φ12 with UV rays. UVP-60 is an ultraviolet point type irradiator that points the light of an ultraviolet lamp with a ...

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UV line irradiator

1. Features of UVL-115 The UV line irradiation device UVL-115 uses a rod-shaped UV lamp. 1) Built-in inverter ballast in a slim housing. Just supply 220V and you can irradiate ultraviolet rays. 2) UVL-115 has a strong bactericidal action. The ...

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