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UV line irradiator

1. Features of UVL-115

The UV line irradiation device UVL-115 uses a rod-shaped UV lamp.

1) Built-in inverter ballast in a slim housing.
Just supply 220V and you can irradiate ultraviolet rays.

2) UVL-115 has a strong bactericidal action.
The 253.7nm-8W lamp has a median wavelength of 253.7nm (transparent color) and an output of 2.5W in the UVC region.
A very small amount of bluish-purple and green are also output.

3) Since the start-up is fast, the irradiation time can be shortened.
80% output in 2 seconds.

4) Irradiation in a clean room or vacuum is also possible.
Can be used in vacuum vessels.
When placed in a vacuum cleaner, a small amount of gas is emitted from the inorganic adhesive at the beginning, so vacuum treatment is required in advance.

5) UVL-115 can be used side by side for surface irradiation.
When used side by side, you can irradiate a large area.

6) Polycarbonate can block most of the UV rays.
Polycarbonate has a transmittance of 0% at a wavelength of 200 to 300 nm (UVC), a transmittance of 0.2% at a wavelength of 300 to 380 nm (UVA),
It also prevents 253.7 nm used in clean benches and 350 to 360 nm wavelengths used in fluorescence detection by electrophoresis and chromatography.
The light transmittance of polycarbonate is approximately 85%, and changes in the object due to ultraviolet irradiation can be safely photographed through the polycarbonate.
In addition, if a product containing an ultraviolet absorber is used, the light shielding range increases to approximately 400 nm.
4mm thick soda glass can block 100% UVC and 30% UVA.

2. External view of UVL-115

External view of UVL-115

<Standard product>

External view of UVL-115

<Standard product>

External view of UVL-115

<Optional side protection plate addition>

3. Specifications of UVL-115

Rated power8W
Full length312mm
UV frequency253.7nm354nm
UV output2.5W0.80W
1m UV radiation intensity27μW/c㎡8.8μW/c㎡
Design life4000h2000h

4. Spectral distribution of UVL-115

Spectral distribution of UVL-115

5. UV intensity distribution of UVL-115

UV intensity distribution of UVL-115

UV intensity distribution of UVL-115

6. Rise time of UVL-115

Rise time of UVL-115

7. Ambient temperature and output of UVL-115

Ambient temperature and output of UVL-115

8. Design life of UVL-115

Design life of UVL-115

9. Outline drawing of UVL-115

Outline drawing of UVL-115

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