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4-1.Required for a halogen heater controller

  1. To stabilize heated using a halogen heater, margin of two times or three times is required.
  2. The heater controller should select what has the capability equal or more than heater rating.
  3. To heat the object in any temperature, feedback control is required.
    Installation of temperature controller is required for feedback control.
    Feedback control using a radiation thermometer (pyrometer) is used for radiant heating, such as a halogen heater.
    There is also a control which uses a thermocouple.
  4. As described in “1-5 Precautions for Use“, slow start feature is required because there is a large rush power halogen heater.
  5. Cooling function is required as described in “2-6 Water-cooled and the temperature of the base” and “3-6 Water-cooled and the temperature of the base“, since then heated using a large power halogen heater.
    Moreover, the monitor which supervises that the cooling function is operating normally is also required.
  6. As described in “2-7 Lamp life” and “3-7 Lamp life“, halogen heater will extention life 300% if it use lower 10% rated voltage.
    It is necessary for the long life, it is equipped with a voltage regulation function.
  7. Since a halogen heater has a design life, it needs a disconnection alarm function because of lamp replacement, as “2-7 Lamp life” and “3-7 Lamp life” explained.
  8. When using it in the production line, in order to adjust to the field in local mode, the adjustment after the end of the centralized control, a remote control function is required.

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