2-5.Configuration using thermo controller.

Configuration using thermo controller

Using the Air Blow Heater with a sensor, if a thermo controller and an electric power controller are combined, the hot air of constant temperature will be obtained.

The above-mentioned configuration may be sufficient as the source of compression gas in which flow control is possible.

If there are no restrictions of cost, there is also a method using a massflow controller.

Since the hot air of constant temperature is obtained even if it changes a flow, it can also be said that a flow is lessened at the time of standby and it stops power consumption.

However, if an air flow is made into zero, in order that the sensor of the Air Blow Heater may not function, large electric power continues being added to he Air Blow Heater, and it may burnout within about ten seconds.

Please be sure to control a minimum flow to always pass.

This flow grade is 10S series in 3 L/min.  and 15H series in 6L/min.

Although the above figure is a system using a SCR electric power controller, there is also a system using SSR (noncontact relay).

In this case, a thermo controller is changed into the following [ for control cycle 0.1 second ], in 1 second, 2 times or more of on-off are repeated, and electric power is controlled by the ratio of on time to off time.

【 Note 】

Water and oil are include in the air, a bad affect will be carried out to the flow-meter and the Air Blow Heater.

Please be sure to use the air which removed oil and moisture.

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