1-13.No-flow heating

The following figure indicates the relation of the heating element temperature at the time of carrying out calm turning on electricity then to be heating element surface load.

Surface load is designing the average air heater by about 11 [W/cm2].

In containing metal casing, it becomes not less than 1400 ℃.

At this temperature, it disconnects very much for a short time (probably less than for several minutes).

The “heating element estimated life expectancy” of the following figure is a case of a thick electrically heated wire, and a thin thing will go out easily rapidly, if it exceeds 1300 ℃.

It is surface load in order to be equal to calm turning on electricity enough [W/cm2] 7 It is necessary to lower to a grade.

for this reason — being alike — rather than elegance, it is that only about 60% of power enters in the same size, and for making power the same, size usually becomes large not less than 50%.

If it is that what is necessary is just equal to calm turning on electricity to some extent, it is 8?9 as interim surface load [W/cm2]. It adopts.

*Usually, when elegance is used, please be fully careful not to become calm turning on electricity.

No-flow heating

This figure presumes for how many hours when it turns on electricity to the Air Blow Heater in the state of no supplying, the heating element can bear air by becoming what temperature.

Metal case enter, according to the keeping-warm effect of metal casing, since it becomes high temperature, durable time becomes short.

Longer endurance times more 4AM and 6AM without a metal case.
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