1-5.Precautions for Use


Light heating device using a halogen lamp is a halogen lamp itself.
Is the same as for halogen lamp also notes to use.
The same as the general halogen lamp lighting fixture, can 0-100% dimming control voltage easily.
Since power is large in spite of the size of the equipment, it need cooling.
Large power of light heating device has adopted the forced air cooling or water cooling.

Measures against inrush current

The addition of high voltage halogen lamp suddenly, the inrush current to reach more than five times the rated flow, adversely affect shorten the life.This effect becomes more pronounced as the big lamp current value.
Please be sure to use a power supply with a soft-start for more than 1 second for more than 10 A of lamp.As much as possible, please use a power supply with a soft-start for more than 1 second for less than 10 A of lamp.Also, install the equipment as much as possible inrush current measures.

[Spark killer CR50500 · 0.5μF ± 20% recommended products Okaya Electric Industries Co., Ltd.]
Throw upInrush currentCorrection value
* Each magnification inrush current peak value comparison
* Inrush current correction value, the calculated value assuming that the source resistance at 0Ω.

Throw up one cycle at 0 seconds, the first wave of the inrush current SIN wave.Then, beginning to enter the state from the second half of the third cycle current limiting power regulator current limit is activated.Inrush current during slow up, since the phase controlled waveform, the effective value of the inrush current ratio is above about 40%.(Assuming triangular waveform)


Inrush current is allowed to power conditioner, about 2 seconds × 3 times rated.
If the rated current 30A
Peak current value calculated in 0 seconds throw up→ Heater up to 30×3 / 7 = 12.9A are available.
Throw up calculation 0.5 seconds, with a peak current value→ Heater is available until 30×3/5.4 = 16.6A.
Throw up calculation 1.0 seconds, with a peak current value→ Heater is available until 30×3/5.2 = 17.3A.
Calculated by the effective value→ Heater up to 30×3 / (5.2 * 04) = 43.2A is available.

When we think whether we can consider a plunge electric current by an actual value from the insulation special quality of the fuse and the thyristor protector, it’s subtle.An experiment needs whether a fuse and a thyristor protector don’t operate by the equipment you’re using.

Slow-up time 0sec

Slow-up time 0.5sec

Slow-up time 10sec

Slow-up time state

In some cases, by the power supply breaker is activated by this inrush current, can not be energized.Recommended Characteristics “droop” of the DC power supply protection circuit.

Since more than 300w halogen lamp use AC power most of the power supply control is carried out in the phase control (thyristor control ) is normal.Thyristor controller because it is also easy to incorporate a soft-start function, it is often that comes as standard in addition without a simple model.

Precautions for not shorten the life

Voltage exceeding the rated voltage Please do not make as much as possible.It will be broken or blackened, to causes such as rupture.

It will be very advantageous for us if you use with a voltage as low as possible to the extent that is necessary to satisfy the heating conditions in terms of lamp life.→ life is about 3 times the voltage drop of 10%.

Halogen heater can also be used in AC DC.
AC power is safer or more lamps 36v.But when used in alternating current, it is dangerous to try to appropriate voltage phase control (control thyristor) from a voltage higher than the rated voltage.In this case, the instantaneous voltage is higher in value below the rated voltage is applied so effective, it may cause a breakdown in the lamp, to break or rupture.

Use the AC power supply of the rated voltage, to control the direction of lowering the voltage phase control (control thyristor) it is the correct usage.

Halogen lamps do not apply vibration or shock .The filament or glass is broken or cracked by strong impact. And, it leads to a decrease in damage to the filament life remains clear even if no abnormality is found.

There is no limit to the point of lighting direction heater.Please use the horizontal line heater but basically.This is due to the structural characteristics of the halogen lamp used in this heater.It is also possible to design and manufacture a halogen lamp corresponding to the vertical lighting, please contact us.

Cooling of the heater

Please cooling water flows over 0.5 L / min.per 1kw. Is greater than 1 L / min.in the case of heater 2kw.Increase in water temperature at this time is about 10 ℃.We have recommended that minimum flow twice.If stop the cooling water it is desirable to put the interlock to cut power to the heater as well also.

We designing and making assume that 200kPa (about 2 kgf/c ㎡) uses water-cooled water by the following water pressure.When being used by the water pressure which exceeds 300kPa, please consult.

Generally speaking, thermal energy generated at the optical mirror of the heating device is about 1/3 of the power supply.In other words, it is necessary to dissipate about 1/3 of the power supply.It is also possible natural cooling of low-power heater.Require forced air cooling or water cooling in a compact device with high power.

The use of groundwater for cooling, when the water temperature is low, it sometimes condenses into dew.A lot of dew is a risk of electrical-leakage , and also affect the reflectivity of the mirror.In such a case, please using a pipe-siphon, and eliminate the difference between the room temperature and the temperature of the cooling water.In addition when the heater power-off, it stop the cooling water.It flowing minimize to need the amount of power. Please take such measures.

The scale accumulates in a waterway, so please clean regularly waterway.Corrosion of aluminum happens and an aluminum compound accumulates.

Cleaning the Mirror

The reflection mirror is the most important of this heating device, it need maintenance very well. In order to the section “1-2.Characteristics of Halogen heater“, it is greatly degraded performance smoke generated from the heated object adheres to the mirror surface.Mirror protection glass placed in front of the heating device, please exchange and clean in a timely manner in the case of heating an object like this. It more completely prevent smoke from entering in the mirror, if it have a positive internal pressure by clean air.

Halogen Lamp replacement

Be careful not to dirty the lamp when replacing the lamp.If dirty, please wipe if clean with a cloth dampened with alcohol. Please also wipe clean the mounting portion of the body-side mirror and lamp.When this part is dirty, it will be dirty the lamp.

Replacing the lamp has been designed such that it can be mounted with high precision with good reproducibility by a simple operation. User may not be able to restore easy to be broken down and the body part except heating device. Since the decomposition of the body should not be necessary if normal, please avoid such a thing. Please contact us when absolutely necessary.

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