1-4.Point heater and line heater

Halogen Point Heater (point condensing type)

Please select “Halogen Point Heater” to heat the heating at the point of a circular range.

When heating a circular area, please choose the Point Heater. The Point Heater is easy to design in the light distribution you’re wishing by controlling a mirror turn relatively. But, it’s sometimes impossible by the request contents, so please consult.

When heating a circular area or making one point concentrate, the short one is favorable to the irradiation distance. I’ll come to have few losses of light energy, and the concentrating diameter is point heater in case of small, and hotness is obtained more.

The Point Heater is made with a numerically controlled lathe. It’s also possible to make with a custom-made item.

Halogen Line Heater (line condensing type)

Line-like heating and belt-like heating please select the line heater. The mirror can be controlled by the width direction of the curve is only condensing, heater line length direction can not be controlled in the mirror.

If necessary heating length is uniform in the direction of length, line heater should be sufficiently long terminal portions in addition to it. The range is more uniform heating of a short irradiation distance increases, so it is more advantageous short-irradiation. Distance becomes very long, depending on the angle of offset from the center, it will be attenuated by the irradiation intensity COSθ ^ 2.

When heating on the conveyor uniformly, there is a good way to adopt the linear heater which heats the center and the linear heater which heats an edge. The end becomes colder only by 1 linear heater, so an edge is controlled as the whole on the conveyor will be the uniform temperature while adjusting output of a heated linear heater.

Mirror of a standard line heater is using the extrusion molding type material of aluminum. A custom-made mirror besides the standard cuts by a fraise.

Aluminum polished mirror and gold plating mirror

The point heater and line heater use a aluminum mirror. Aluminum is polished and it’s made the mirror surface. As shown in the figure below, aluminum mirror reflectivity of the halogen lamp is approximately 90%. It is inferior gold plating mirror. May reflectance is reduced by oxidation and also used for a long period of time.

However, there is an advantage of being able to re-polished aluminum mirrors easily by the user.

Gold plating mirror is a mirror most excellent in the purpose of reflecting the radiation energy of the halogen lamp efficiently. However, if contaminated with material evaporated from the heated object, depending on the type of soil is sometimes peeled off the gold. Gold plating can’t be restored in this case, so it need replating. Therefore, please take the utmost care not to contaminate the gold plating mirror. Unless it make a contaminate, gold plating mirror withstand long-term use. The decline of the reflectivity is also very little.

Protection glass can be loaded by an option as the way which doesn’t make a mess on a mirror. If this glass gets soiled, removal can make sure easily that it can be cleaned. Quartz glass is suitable for the glass material. The quartz is expensive, so Pyrex and Tempax can also use in case of much as a replacement.

In case our point heater, HPH-35 is using quartz glass. HPH-60 is using Pyrex or Tempax. HPH-120 and HPH-160 can use Pyrex, Tempax and quartz glass as an option.

In addition, it is an effective method to supply clean air within the mirror, and a positive pressure inside the mirror. Has no effect unless you leave a sealed glass window in a mirror in this case as well.

Point heater and line heater

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